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Recycling plastic bottles, drink cans & cardboard tubes into art

When we were talking about making jewellery from drinks cans a couple of months ago, Mary Anne Enriquez sent me links to some relevant Flickr groups which then got buried in my inbox – sorry for that Mary Anne!

Anyway, Mary Anne thought Recycle This readers may be interested in the following Flickr groups:

Lots of wonderfully creative work – inspiring stuff.

Thanks so much for the links, Mary Anne and sorry again that it’s taken me so long to post them!

(Roses photo by rosely pignataro; cardboard cutout photo by giulia massera)

How can I decorate a pink-obsessed 15 year old’s bedroom recycling or reusing stuff?

pink bedroomWe’ve had an email from Maja:

my daughter Tayeliee is in her “think-pink” state – everything around her must be very pink or very cute.

Her room is already stuffed with pink vases, pink lamps, pink chairs etc. but I think there is some trash-treasure that could be nice room deco. I don’t know exactly how to say it… well, is there any way of recycling trash into cute room decos for a 15 yr old?

I think it’ll depend on what she’s into really but when I was that age, I had loads of CDs and remember decorating old shoeboxes with salvaged, scratched-up vinyl records (45s) to make CD storage – I liked the clash of the old and the new.

Other ideas: if she likes candles, you can made trash-candle holders out of old tin cans (punch holes in the side with a hammer and nail to make pretty patterns) or CD cases; repurpose fabric from old pink clothes to make hanging storage pockets and, I don’t know if it’ll match Tayeliee’s version of cute but as I’ve said before, I think these little guys made from old plastic bottles are utterly adorable.

Any other suggestions?

(Photo by thesaint)