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How can I reuse or recycle washing powder boxes?

washing-powder-boxWe’ve had a “clever reuse” email from Terri:

I’ve been using old washing powder boxes instead of box files. I get the big flip top lid boxes and they’re really sturdy and stackable. Much better than recycling the cardboard and buying new boxes!

Great idea, Terri.

Some powders are very perfumed or smell strongly of chemicals so you’d probably have to be careful about storing certain things in there but they’ll be perfect for things .. you won’t be licking ;)

We’ve asked about reducing the amount of washing powder packaging used but anyone got any other ideas for reusing the boxes?

How can I reuse or recycle tea bag boxes?

tea bag boxWe’ve had an email from Lizzy asking about teabag boxes:

They’re cardboard so I can put them in my green bin but can anyone suggest any reuses for them?

I imagine they’d be good for any general dry storage – as drawer dividers for little things, for recipe cards in the kitchen, or the bigger boxes for keeping packets – of sauces or seeds – organised and upright.

Aside from that, I bet creative kids could use the boxes in a number of ways – an already constructed building block.

Any other suggestions?

(Photo from Lizzy, thanks Lizzy!)

How can I reuse or recycle the cardboard or plastic sellotape cores?

sellotapeI was packing up some parcels the other day and so I didn’t lose it amongst all my mess, I slipped the sellotape onto my wrist like a big bangle.

Ooh, I thought, I bet once I’ve used up all the sticky tape, I could cover this in something like fabric, wool or wire and make a proper fun bangle.

And then I thought, hmm, I wonder what else I could use it for? And if only I knew of a website where I could put that question out to the wonderfully creative world and see what ideas they could come up with. If only!

All the ones I have are cardboard so they could just go in the recycling bin – or the compost heap since they’re usually not inky or anything – but I do like reuses. So, any ideas?

And what about those tiny plastic ones you get on Scotch tape rolls?

(Photo by hberends)

How can I reuse or recycle yarn cones?

yarn coneThis is a bit of an anticipatory post since said cone is still currently covered in a few of hundred grammes of yarn but anyway…

Yarn/wool cones. I bought a giant cone of yarn on eBay the other day from someone clearing out their yarn stash. I thought I’d use it for for my next big crafting project, a crocheted blanket but as the yarn is, well, sunshine (read: oh-my-God-so-bright) yellow, I’ll have to get another one in a less retina-straining tone to calm it down a bit – and that means I’ll then have two of these hollow cones.

The one I’ve got at the moment is about 20cm (8″) tall and tapered to around 7cm (3″) in diameter at the base from around 2.5cm (1″) at the top. It’s made of heavy duty cardboard – so recyclable – but you know me*, I prefer to reuse instead of recycle. I’ve also seen a lot of similarly sized plastic cones about which aren’t so easily recyclable.

Since it’s a craft-related item, I’m sure there are loads of crafty reuses – but what about practical things too?

* if you don’t know me, hi, I’m Louisa. I like to reuse and repurpose random things. It’s nice to meet you.

How can I reuse or recycle parchment paper / aluminium foil boxes?

clingfilm250.jpgWe’ve had an email from Emily, asking about “wax paper/ parchment paper / aluminum foil boxes”:

It seems like they would be good for doing something more with, considering the long jagged edge / blade and all.

Funnily enough – and proof that everyone out there is READING MY MIND – I was thinking about this just the other week. My grease-proof paper box has plastic coating on the jagged edge, which makes it better for tearing but worse for recycling. Grr.

So any suggestions for reusing them – whether metal or plastic, or just a cardboard box?

And what about reducing them in the first place – anyone know of any particular companies that make refill rolls to save getting the whole new box each time? I seem to recall that some supermarket value brand in the UK is box-less but I can’t remember which one – and suspect that’s just wrapped in plastic instead anyway.

(Photo by Ilmari Karonen, c/o Wikipedia)