How can I reuse or recycle the cardboard or plastic sellotape cores?

sellotapeI was packing up some parcels the other day and so I didn’t lose it amongst all my mess, I slipped the sellotape onto my wrist like a big bangle.

Ooh, I thought, I bet once I’ve used up all the sticky tape, I could cover this in something like fabric, wool or wire and make a proper fun bangle.

And then I thought, hmm, I wonder what else I could use it for? And if only I knew of a website where I could put that question out to the wonderfully creative world and see what ideas they could come up with. If only!

All the ones I have are cardboard so they could just go in the recycling bin – or the compost heap since they’re usually not inky or anything – but I do like reuses. So, any ideas?

And what about those tiny plastic ones you get on Scotch tape rolls?

(Photo by hberends)

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12 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle the cardboard or plastic sellotape cores?”

  1. Agata says:

    I use the little plastic cores as cat toys

  2. buzzybee says:

    Use the plastic tape holders as napkin rings and decorate them. If you have a couple of cardboard tape rings you can make a box by gluing a cardboard circle on the top ring and on the bottom of the bottom ring and decorate! You can also glue a few together flat to make an interesting photo frame.

  3. Emily Traxxi says:

    like ui said previously with the blades, you could use them in a niumber of different ways in art

  4. Ana says:

    The carboard ones can be burn in BBQs, fires (as fire starters), made into compost(shedred),send to reclicle (they are already recicled paper).
    The plastic ones are very useful as legs for boxes and furniture (You need at least four, they let the air go under and avoid furniture water spilt in bathrooms and garages.

  5. Jay says:

    I use old tape cores and toilet paper cores to hold the ribbons I save from gifts (I reuse the ribbons). They are also useful for when I have to bring documents and don’t have a document bag. I simply roll them up and put them inside the ring. Not a crease anywhere!

  6. lilz says:

    use it as an picture collection holder, paperclip the pictures into the roll and there you go!!

  7. Ну ничего себе, каждый ваш пост просто шедевр мировой литературы=)

  8. Terrica says:

    Use them for making Christmas ornaments.

  9. Bobby Simmons says:

    Over time, if you’ve collected hundreds of those larger, round, cardboard masking tape rings, glue them together, side by side, until you’ve formed a large, circular lattice-like structure. Spray paint, then spray with a high-gloss sealer and voila!–you have a great piece of wall art! Go even bigger for a retro-mod room divider!!

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