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How can I reuse or recycle the cardboard or plastic sellotape cores?

sellotapeI was packing up some parcels the other day and so I didn’t lose it amongst all my mess, I slipped the sellotape onto my wrist like a big bangle.

Ooh, I thought, I bet once I’ve used up all the sticky tape, I could cover this in something like fabric, wool or wire and make a proper fun bangle.

And then I thought, hmm, I wonder what else I could use it for? And if only I knew of a website where I could put that question out to the wonderfully creative world and see what ideas they could come up with. If only!

All the ones I have are cardboard so they could just go in the recycling bin – or the compost heap since they’re usually not inky or anything – but I do like reuses. So, any ideas?

And what about those tiny plastic ones you get on Scotch tape rolls?

(Photo by hberends)

How can I reuse or recycle tape dispensers?

Tape dispenserWe’ve had an email from Jen, saying:

So I was wondering if you knew any good ways to reuse Tape Dispensers when it runs out of tape.

The tape dispenser that I use can just be “refilled” – just slotting another roll of tape onto the wheel – but I did break manage to break the wheel while doing the swap at one point so it’s not as useful as a dispenser now.

I suspect Jen’s dispenser is less easily refillable though so does anyone have any non-tape reuses for a generic reasonably heavy contraption with a cutting blade thing at the front?

(Photo by Nbauer)