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How can I reuse or recycle popped water balloons?

water-balloonsWe’ve had an email from Danielle – experiencing situation that will be oh-so-common at the moment:

My kids love playing with water bombs. There are gazillions of split water bombs all over my garden and garage roof and god know where else. I have also collected a tubful thinking I might do something with them. But what …? Obviously they are all split ones?

We’ve covered foil balloons on the site before but not the rubber type – so any ideas?

Like regular balloons, they’ve got an roll of rubber at the open end – snipped off, they make strong (but quite tight) rubber bands.

As for the larger, flat pieces – anyone know any good ways to fix them together to make a patchwork? While it’s not going to be elegant, it might make a fun splashproof surface for in a kids’ room or used to add grip when opening stubborn jars.

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle weather balloons?

weather balloonLucia of JBLarts has sent us a bit of an obscure one:

Such a strange thing, you may say, but I have a good quantity of meteorological lattice balloons: any suggestion on what doing of them, apart fulling them with air to make huge balls to play with in a big garden? Huge snow/lattice-men?

I tried to cut the lattice to use it in some other way, but it was not so easy to maintain the form of the cut pieces.

Any ideas?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so I can’t really offer any suggestions. Anyone else got any ideas?

(Oh, and on the subject of balloons: we’ve covered deflated helium ones in the past too.)

How can I reuse or recycle deflated balloons?

balloon250.jpgWe’ve had an email from Rona:

My daughter turned 13 last week and got some of those helium balloons from members of the family to celebrate her new teenage status. They’re slowly going down now and we don’t know what to do with them when they’re done. Can the foil be recycled like tin foil?

I suspect (but could very easily be wrong) that it’s more like shiny plastic than actual foil so recycling like that is probably out of the question – but does anyone know otherwise?

I used to like keeping that sort of thing but didn’t do anything creative with them – just folded them up in a box. Does anyone have any crafty ideas for using them?

Or what about normal balloons? Any practical or craft-y reuses for them?

(Photo by crayzwalz)