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How can I reuse or recycle old squash balls?

squash ball and racketWe’ve had an email from Simon:

Any ideas on how to recycle squash balls? I play squash 4-5 times a week so end up with loads that are past their best. I’m sure there must be something better I can do than just throw them away? Suggestions I’ve had were to use them in the washing machine (?), in the cistern to save water, cover them in glitter to make xmas decs or make my own lottery / bingo set ….

I think the washing machine thing is like part of the idea behind washing balls (Ecoballs etc) – they bang against the clothes and the friction helps remove the grim and dirt, or something. That’s an awful explanation – sorry. Can anyone explain it better?

The lottery/bingo idea may seem a bit of a joke but if a local school fair or church fete may be able to use a whole stack of them for just that purpose – so it may be worth offering on your local Freecycle group just in case.

Any other suggestions? Am I right in thinking they’re made from rubber – and if so, what are the recycling options? Anyone know?

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How can I reuse or recycle plastic toy holding eggs/balls/bubbles?

plastic toy bubblesFrom the subject up there, you may guess that I don’t really know how to describe what Sarah is asking about. Her email should be a bit more informative:

I have a lot of these plastic bubbles that holds those cheap toys that you get out of those quarter machines in the front of grocery stores. My local grocery store give the kids free “HEB bucks” that they then use to collect the plastic bubbles from the skill crane, inside the bubble is a sticker worth a certain amount of points…. ANYWAY, we get TONS of them.

Every once in a while the store will trade a certain amount of bubbles in for those really nifty reusable cloth grocery bags for free.

However I was trying to think of OTHER creative ways to use them as well. I think one good use would be as storage containers for your condiments when bringing your lunch to work or school. Any other ideas?

I love that the shop already has a recycling scheme for them – yay that shop – but they do seem like one of those things that would be great to reuse.

Depending on how water tight they are, I guess you could use them to make snow globes or, conversely, teeny mini-greenhouses.

Other suggestions though?

(Photo of Sarah’s pod collection by the lady herself)

How can I reuse or recycle a broken basketball?

basketballWe’ve had an email from Ewan, asking:

hello, any ideas on what i could make with a broken basketball?

it looks exactly like this (–>)

and is completely intact apart from the bit where the pump goes in..

We had an old deflated football in our garden for a while (no idea where it came from) and one of the cats, Carbon, decided it was his own private rainwater collector/bowl — but that was an unintended, temporarily reuse.

So has anyone got any better ideas for Ewan?

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