How can I reuse or recycle personalised wedding favour boxes?

We’ve had an email from Rosey:

We just got married (yay!) and while we tried to keep the waste to a minimum, we have ended up with about 100 personalised wedding cake boxes leftover. Not sure how that happened! They’re just card but I’d like to reuse them anyway but didn’t know what to do since they’ve got our names and wedding date on them. Any ideas?

Are they pretty card (unlike the boring white ones in the picture)? If so, the non-customised bits could be reused for any general craft purposes. Although like with wedding dress we discussed a few years ago, it would be nice to use it for keepsakes rather than just … I don’t know, very fancy shopping lists ;)

Could they be turned into postcards for wedding present thank you notes – or used to make a “thank you kit” (a couple of small photos and a note)? A friend of mine sent out cheap USB storage keys with lots of photos from the day on them – candid snaps from friends as well as official ones – and a cake/favour box would be the perfect size for that.

Or to be super cute, how about splitting them between the two of you and writing each other messages for your future anniversaries – predictions of what will be or “IOU” promises for the long distant future?

Any other suggestions?

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2 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle personalised wedding favour boxes?”

  1. Linda says:

    You could put a sticker over the personalised printing and use them as gift boxes over the next xxx weeks. Perhaps make some fudge or other sweets to give, or give the boxes to someone that would do that e.g. for a church fair or equivalent locally.
    You could probably black out the details with permanent marker. The local school would probably love them because there are a few ‘class sets’ there. It makes it much easier for their craft sessions if there are enough items the same for each child to have their own.

  2. Melinda says:

    Keep them to use on future anniversaries and for special occaisions. For use in other occasions, cover them with wrapping paper or photos and messages cut from magazines, decoupage style. It can be personalized, or kept general and presented as part of the gift, and people can be encouraged to pass them on.

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