How can I reuse or recycle PVC aprons?

We’ve had an email from Ann:

The centre where I work has just rebranded and they’ve made us get rid of all the protective aprons we use for messy art classes as they had the old name on them. I think they’re PVC. Can they be recycled?

I would have thought most textile reclamation companies would accept them – because before actual recycling, they might be reusable by people less bothered about having the correct brand on them. Similarly there may be community groups in your local area that would like them – but it does, unfortunately, depend on how obsessive the organisation is about the brand stuff — I know some places are really annoyingly single-minded about that sort of thing and will send all sorts of new items to landfill to avoid any confusion about their current name/logo.

Could the aprons be adapted or repurposed so they can still be used internally? I’m imagining they’re full length aprons – if the logo is just on the top bit, could it be covered up? Or cut down to make a waist apron?

Or could the non-branded bits of the apron be upcycled into something else? Placemat-style table coverings? Might be useful for messy sessions.

Any other ideas for reusing/repurposing/upcycling them? Or actual recycling suggestions?

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle PVC aprons?”

  1. Melinda says:

    One could make bags, purses or wallets. If there is an offending old logo, it can be cut out, cut around or covered up in the process.

  2. I used an old one of my granny’s for waterproof bunting.

  3. Happyholic says:

    how about donating them to a school for art class? OR donate them to a crafty teacher who can make chair toppers out of them for the backs of school chairs to hold student supplies.

  4. Jim says:

    You guys inspire me to think way outside the box… I never would have thought to recycle this.

  5. Being PVC will make them very unappealing to most recyclers there should hopefully be some good reuses available however.

    Placemats for kids things like that.

  6. Arvid Linde says:

    Offer them through your local Freegle (you can find it on Yahoo Groups). I’m sure there are people out there who’d be happy to re-use them with or without logos!

  7. Amanda says:

    Make a water-resistant cushion for outdoor events or picnics, or a kneeling pad for gardening. Cut them in pieces to make bibs for smaller children, or perhaps water-resistant liners for carseats and cots (handy for the potty-training crowd). Water-resistant bags/envelopes are also great to keep in your handbag in case you have something wet/disgusting that you don’t want to touch your other possessions. Bags for shoes or cosmetics. If it’s an attractive fabric, cozies for infrequently used kitchen appliances, to keep dust and grease off, or cook book covers. Document envelopes. Sew strips of one apron to another and make a hanging pocket organizer.

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