What can I reuse or recycle to make a large wine rack?

Long-time Recycle This friend Alice has emailed to ask about making a large wine rack:

I make loads of home brew wine and beer, and I could really do with a very big wine rack. Any ideas on how I could make one out of recycled stuff?

It’d need to hold at least 36 wine bottles, and/or a similar number of beer bottles. Doesn’t need to look especially pretty though ‘cos I store it all in the shed until it’s drinkable. All that liquid and glass is very heavy though, so it’d need to be very strong and stable.

I found this great page with lots of wine rack designs – and it might be possible to make some of those from recycled/reclaimed materials — for example, the pipe one near the bottom of the page.

Has anyone made any wine racks by reusing or recycling stuff? What did you use? Anyone got any suggestions of things that could be upcycled/reclaimed?

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10 Responses to “What can I reuse or recycle to make a large wine rack?”

  1. James says:

    Prop old 6 x 1 boards up on old bricks. The space for bottles is perfect.

  2. Jim says:

    Wow… I love the idea of building your own wine racks. The link is great!

  3. Monkey says:

    I used old terracotta pipes leftover from putting in some new drainage – perfect as they kept the temperature cool. You can stack them in a pyramid shape – add more as you come across them.

  4. This artist was recently in an art show with me. He creates wine racks from tumors on trees.
    Check out his work!


  5. Joe says:

    I agree, you could make one similar to the pipe rack out of 2l plastic bottles and a frame I bet. I would love to see someone have a go!

  6. Alice says:

    These look great, I really like that PVC pipe one. Strong and easy to do.

    Thinking I could probably scavenge some drainpipe out of a skip to use for it, and I have a couple of wooden packing crates that’d do for the box.

    Keep suggestions coming though, I’ve got a LOT of bottles to store!

  7. su says:

    Not really ‘wine racks’, per se, but an idea, possibly. What about using old crates (I see them discarded all over the place) turned on their side, to store your booty! It’s unlikely that you would get many of one design, so put the largest at the bottom and put any smaller ones on top. Not especially pretty, but functional.

    • Alice says:

      I may be wrong but I THINK crates are usually beer-bottle-size, so would be too narrow and not deep enough for wine bottles.

      However, I do also need to store my homemade beer and cider, and crates are a great idea for that – I even know where I can “rescue” some from!

  8. SuZ says:

    The next time you see someone throwing out their old mattress and box springs, don’t pass it up. Tear off the fabric, etc. It seems to make a pretty sturdy storage unit. Here’s a photo of one!

  9. Felix says:

    Cut up used plastic cola bottles and glue them together! The less plastic in the landfills, the better for earth and humanity!

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