How can I make a Christmas fairy out of a chicken/turkey wishbone?

Eileen Bradley left a comment on our “how to make Christmas decorations by reusing and recycling stuff?” post, asking about wishbone fairies:

Does anyone know how to make Christmas Tree Fairies from Chicken or Turkey wishbones. I have seen them made but don’t know how to make them. Thank you

I’ve never seen them – and Google isn’t helping me either so I can’t be any help. Anyone else know more about them? Have you made one? And if so, got any hints/tips to get Eileen started?

Or has anyone got a picture of one so we can see what Eileen means?

(Yes, I know I’m posting about Christmas in November but I thought it might be worth posting it ahead of Thursday, when one or two of our USian readers might be eating turkey.)

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4 Responses to “How can I make a Christmas fairy out of a chicken/turkey wishbone?”

  1. That’s pretty special

  2. How about filing the ends until they are flat and relatively thin, soaing them into vineagar to soften the bone then tie with cotten and leave to dry. Not sure it would work out but the end product would be a pair of tweezers – might be worth a go anyway :)

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