Bike mudguards from plastic milk bottles

Quentin has been in touch with this great idea:

It always surprises me that these days many bicycles are supplied without mudguards. Anyhow, I’ve discovered for my children’s bicycles, that a very satisfactory set of mudguards can be made from a couple of 4 pint milk cartons, 5 x 15cm tie wraps and 8 staples.

A photograph of this arrangement can be seen here:

and I’m sure that you they could be decorated in some way.

I’d be delighted if you were to share this inventive reuse of the milk carton with your viewers and it might save many a grateful mother from having to wash the muddy stripes of the backs of shirts and trousers.

Great reuse idea! I bet if they were painted a solid colour, it would be hard to tell what they’re made from.

Anyone else done anything similar?

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3 Responses to “Bike mudguards from plastic milk bottles”

  1. Maria says:

    What a great idea! I have a concern though – the mudguard for the front tire looks like it has a rough edge that could scrape legs. I would add some sort of edging – tape, rubber, etc.

  2. That’s genius.

    We love this site.

    Milk bottles are fairly easy to recycle although them weighing so little makes it fairly carbon intensive and therefore non eco friendly to transport them over long distances.

    Solway Recycling votes for the mudgaurd technique to recycling.

  3. Perhaps black insulation tape could be added both to colour the mudguard, and to smooth over any rough edges.

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