How can I repair a broken bra?

After a couple of years of faithful service, one of my beloved bras has broken. It’s one of the two really quite expensive bras I own – they cost a lot of money but worth it — supportive, comfortable to wear and resulting in (what is I’ve been told is) a pleasant boob shape.

Because it was great quality to start with, it’s in pretty good condition – except that one of the underwires has snapped. My mum suggested removing both of the underwires and wearing it as a non-wired bra. I think I need more support than that for daytime wear but it’s definitely a last-resort option.

I think I’d prefer to replace the underwire if possible — I have a collection of underwires (and hooks & eyes, and straps) from old bras in my craft box but they were mostly from my smaller-boobed days so I’m not sure they’ll fit. It’s certainly worth checking though. Other than that, Google tells me it’s possible to buy replacement underwires at haberdasheries – although I can’t say I’ve seen them.

Anyone got any advice on replacing an underwire?

Also, anyone managed to successfully fix a bra when the underwire is popping out of its pocket and jabbing you in the cleavage or armpit? I’ve tried sewing up escape holes on a number of occasions (with different bras) but the wire has always found a way through the stitching again — is a mini-patch the answer?

Another problem that I sometimes have is when the “catch” (for want of a better word) on the strap starts to slip and the strap lengths & my boob sags further as the day goes on. Anyone got any suggestions for fixing that? Or replacing a strap/the little loop at the bottom of the straps?

Any other bra breaks/fixes?

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9 Responses to “How can I repair a broken bra?”

  1. TRaschilla says:

    For a quick no-sew fix for underwire break-through, you can get a Bra-lee from They have a bunch of different patterns to match with different bras.

    As for a snapped underwire, I’ve found info on that at Of course, that’s all in North America, but you may be able to find useful information closer to home using those resources.

    Good luck!

  2. Bellen says:

    If you Google ‘sewing bra supplies’ or ‘lingerie sewing’ you’ll several sites in the UK. Not knowing exactly what you need – size, etc – I still think prices are good.

    Other choices – to keep underwires from popping thru the ends need to be coated – nailpolish, wrapping in thread or floss then glueing, etc – so the ends are not sharp.

    Acquire an old bra are recycle parts.

  3. I’ve replaced the elastic and underwires in a few bras with good results, and replaced the underwire channel once too. Patches only work so well with poking underwires because usually, they are poking thru because the bra doesn’t fit properly and you really need to get a different cup size. But if the band is riding up and making the straps slip off your shoulders, replacing the elastic in the band often helps.

  4. Kacy says:

    I tried fixing a wired bra by taking out the wires, but it did not work at all. The bra did not hold its shape without the wires. It caused the middle of the bra to pop up in the middle which showed through my clothing (kinda like a nipple in the middle). Also my chest just kinda fell out of the bottom and the bra just sat on top. So, removing the wires should definately be a last resort.

  5. SMucciardi says:

    I have the same problem with shoulder straps that don’t stay in the position I adjusted them to. My mom suggested adjusting the sliders on the shoulder straps and sewing them in place. Now, all my shoulder straps stay where they belong, and so do my boobs.

  6. Medeea says:

    the “catch” looks bumpy under blouses. That’s why with every new bra, I remove the straps entirely, remove the “catch” and then sew the strap back at my length. I is possible that in time, the strap stretches a bit and then I sew it again. But it is worth the effort.
    Also, for bras I wear in the summer time I replace the straps with clear ones. Only that instead of sewing, I glue them to the bra (use superglue). Sewing breaks the plastic strap.

  7. Ruth says:

    Sewing Chest sell replacement bra wires at £1.25 a pair on the Internet, they were so helpful.

  8. NADIA TAGHAVI says:

    looking for underwire for my bra, as one has broken.

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