Fab free recycling posters – what you can and can’t recycle

Illustrator Fee Harding (also known as Burntfeather) got in touch this morning to confess:

I’ve been guilty of not recycling!

This overwhelming guilt forced me to start looking into what I could and could not recycle and then set out to design a set of posters to blu tak above my recycling stash in my kitchen!

I thought your readers might enjoy being able to print out their own.

You can download the posters from Fee’s site and you really should – they’re great!

She’s divided packaging waste into “the good, the bad and the ugly” – what you can recycle and can’t recycle – and added helpful hints. Very useful and cute – thanks Fee!

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4 Responses to “Fab free recycling posters – what you can and can’t recycle”

  1. Fee says:

    Thanks so much for spreading the recycle love!

  2. but unfortunately, it is not even national never mind international….we have a different recycling procedure to our next area…

  3. Fee says:

    of course, some areas you can’t pop in coloured paper etc. But when making it I was thinking as a general guide and then checking with your local department. If something isn’t applicable on your poster, simply cross it off :)

  4. john dakin says:

    hi where can i get a big free recycling poster
    i recyc wood and i make planters out off them i could do with one for my workshop

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