How can I reuse or recycle wooly winter scarves?

Brr! For few days last week, it felt like we were getting a last minute reprieve from summer’s sayonara but now it feels very autumnal indeed. I guess it’s time to shift into winter mode – I’ve got a list of insulating chores to complete, the garden needs more tidying, I need to make soup, lots of soup, and I also need to go through the woolies in my wardrobe to see what’s in there & what’s still wearable etc.

Now is the perfect time to do the latter because charity shops, shelters and other related charities need clothing in good time before winter properly kicks in – they need to time to sort and distribute them etc. I urge everyone to have a look through their wardrobes and see if there is anything that could be used more productively by someone else. And it’s not just jumpers or cardigans – scarves, hats & gloves are all very useful and in high demand too.

When possible, passing on items for reuse by others is always the best option — but what if they’re not they’re not in a suitable condition for passing on? Or if they’ve got sentimental appeal (such as they were made by a loved one)? What can be done with them then?

If part of the scarf is damaged/stained, the rest of it could salvaged to reuse as any flat knitted fabric – cute tote bag, cushion cover, nappy/diaper cover – and if it’s got a decent quantity of wool in it, it could be felted opening up more options (oven gloves/hot pads, wrist warmers, even cute tote bag).

Any other upcycling ideas?

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6 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle wooly winter scarves?”

  1. carol says:

    You could donate them to an animal shetler. I know my own cats love cuddling up in a warm winter scarf.

  2. Gena says:

    Just found your blog and I’m so excited to read through the archives! I’ve also been wondering how to recycle my old beat-up scarf. I was thinking of cutting it up and sewing simple cozies for glass candle holders because I’ve seen fabrics wrapped around vases and it adds a comfy vibe – perfect for winter.

  3. bookstorebabe says:

    It’s even possible to unravel knitted items for the wool. There’s websites with handy instructions. So, one can knit or crochet new items. Never done it myself, but I know folks do.

  4. mali marsh says:

    How about making a nice pair of socks. I mean it’s gonna be pretty cold this winter and I’m sure a nice wool scarf would go down very nice. . .

  5. Sara says:

    My mum made me a doll with hair made of yarn from an old sweater when I was little. The hair was really curly because of that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Go on the John Lewis site or look in their store in furnishing fabrics and cushions and you will find these very expensive looking small cushions made of knitted material. Some are decorated to look like houses with wool windows and felt doors, some are like owls and other animals. They are asking over £40.00 for them so why not make some and give them out as Christmas presents or donate them to charity shops once made? My daughter and I are going to make some this year.

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