How can I reuse or recycle broken pop-up gazebos?

gazeboWe’ve had an email from Kacy, asking:

What can I do with a gazebo tent? The ones you put over barbecues in the garden.

Pop-up gazebos have been very popular in the UK over the last few years because they’re a quick and easy way to provide shade from the blazing hot sun (or, more likely, from the endless drizzle) – but because they’re so popular, they’re often cheaply made and not that stable or long lasting. They’re usually a polyester (or the like) cover over a steel tube frame, some with sides to make a full tent and some with guy ropes for extra stability.

The steel poles can be used instead of canes around the garden. I suspect most probably wouldn’t be strong enough to use as a frame for a pergola – the weight of the plants might be too much for it.

The fabric cover could probably be used in a lot of same reuses as other tents – suggestions include using it to make bags & kites, using it as a pond liner or to make small shades for kids/people fishing.

Any other suggestions?

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15 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle broken pop-up gazebos?”

  1. Lupa says:

    Spare parts for other ones? Might try Freecycle for that.

  2. Myrtle May says:

    The poles could probably be used as basis for making window blinds, as they would probably be big enough for fairly large windows.
    The fabric culd be used to make wind breaks, or as a ‘porch’ floor for a tent (as mine came without one & kneeling on wet ground is horrible!). It might also be possible to use the fabric as frost protection for plants?

  3. Dave says:

    Gazebos parts are allotment gold dust. Cut the frames down to the size you need and then cover with net for bird protection or cover with clear polythene to make a coldframe. Better still, cut the cover down so that it makes a metre high ‘wrap around’ to protect against carrot root fly.

  4. Shorty says:

    I say use the waterproof fabric for other projects.

  5. Alice says:

    I actually go round collecting these after Glastonbury festival!

    I use the joining bits to make small seedling greenhouses, of the kind you’d pay £60 for in Argos. Just build a frame using anything for poles that will fit inside the joints, then cover the whole thing with polytunel plastic.

  6. Martin says:

    Broken pop up gazebo’s can be reaired!
    If your pop up gazebo has got damaged in the wind I can repair them easily for just £10. I replace legs or poles and can repair canopies. Kent, Surrey, South London, Sussex

  7. Tom Pepper says:

    Hi guys,

    If you want to repair your pop up gazebo then please see my website, I have a range of gazebo spare parts to fit many high street pop up gazebos. The website is fairly new so the range is still growing!

  8. jem says:

    check out this link for cheep spares to repair your gazebo

  9. Karen Watkins says:

    I am just about to recycle a gazebo to convert my Berlingo van into a camper hoping to complete the whole task by recycling unused items from our home and Garage and purchasing non !

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