How can I make iPod accessories by reusing or recycling stuff?

ipodWe’ve had another email from Maja, saying:

I bought myself an iPod AT LAST. It’s a violet Nano, and I need some decos for it, like a cute sock or a charm.

What can I recycle into some nice iPod stuff?

Playing with Nancy’s necklace idea recently, I made myself a cute charm out by stacking tiny circles of plastic on a piece of thin wire – the circles punched out with a regular hole punch so they were both tiny and even. A few pretty buttons on a length of pretty thread would work in the same way.

As for the sock, you could quickly and easily sew a little pocket using fabric any item of old clothing – I like it when upcycled things include features of the original clothing, like buttons or belt loops from the original item.

I’d also be tempted to crochet, knit or weave some unusual material just to see what happens – the pocket is so small it wouldn’t take long to try out a few different things. Narrow strips of old carrier bags? The shiny insides of crisp packets? The wire from old knackered headphones?

Any other ideas?

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6 Responses to “How can I make iPod accessories by reusing or recycling stuff?”

  1. sami says:

    baby socks make nice phone socks if you have extras that don’t have mates

  2. Recycleholic says:

    Check out etsy. You will find a good mix of recycled/handmade iPod accessories.

  3. Lizzy says:

    you could make a gadget protector from the pockets of some old jeans :

    or you could sew yourself a cover from scraps of fabric, leave holes for the screen – you could sew a panel made from old plastic bottle , or part of an old plastic wallet , or clear pencilcase (maybe one with a broken zip?) into it as a screen protector.

    i don’t know how you’d do it, but you could build a small stand for it from odds and ends like bottletops and used up pens.
    hope this helps =D

  4. nelly says:

    my friend uses her sock for her phone (this is a bit like samis) but if you think thats too boring you could sass it up with patches of fabric(from old clothes or fabrics youve never used) or buttons(that have fallen off clothes or the extra ones that come with shirts and coats) and bows (off hairbands, sew a pretty pattern on or a heart or something and zips (from a fleece or something) and this is a really wacky idea you could chop a tie to make it a lot smaller about the same size as your ipod then make it a bit like a belt for your ipod! and put ribbon on. You could get these things from the places ive said in brackets or you can get newrly all of it from a charity shop (I LOVE CHARITY SHOPS!)

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