How can I make a doorstop reusing and recycling things?

We’ve recently had some shelves fitted in an alcove – only to realise afterwards that a door handle will bang into the central upright. (We’d already done lots of tweaking to make it accommodate the door, just apparently not that bit!) To save damaging the upright, we’ve dropped our cute doggie front door doorstop into the gap to act as a buffer but that’s needed at the front door so I need another one.

I love the idea of fabric and rice filled cute doorstops like SwirlyArt Lyndsey’s Cheeky Chickens – but I wondered if anyone else had any other suggestions – particularly water-proof suggestions since between the cats, the dog and our clumsiness, it will surely end up drenched in some liquid or another! (sorry for the ugh!)

Coming at the door from the other side, has anyone got any fun ideas for a wedge – more interesting than just the usual triangle of wood?

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9 Responses to “How can I make a doorstop reusing and recycling things?”

  1. Cipollina says:

    I use a pretty blue river rock from the river Evançon among the Italian Alps.

    I’ve put a big bit of heavy felt – the kind you put under furniture legs – on the flattest part to keep it from scratching the floor when we move it aside with the foot to close the door. Since yours is meant to keep the door from wreaking havoc among the shelves you could put a bit of felt also on the door to keep it from banging loudly into the rock should you open it a bit too fast.

  2. Thanks for the mention :D I would keep some sort of container and weight it down with something heavy like rice or stones. Pretty it up by covering in paper etc – or if it is going to get wet then leave it blank or use permanent markers to brighten it up!

  3. Make a paper mache pig and fill it with weighty-ness (anything that is small and would change over time so not batteries).

  4. Meant to say would not change over time, sorry!

  5. D Rich says:

    For years, about 30 I would say, my folks have used an old frisbie to easily slide under the door to keep it open. Come to think of it that frisbie is probably one I tossed around way back in high school. But it’s still there holding open the door.

  6. kitschkitty says:

    One idea I’ve always loved and that I think would be perfect for you is to take an old kids wellington boot, fill it with something heavy, and top off with plaster of Paris or similar.

    You can decorate the top, with anything you like, from fabric, to shells to paint. The rubber of the welly will avoid any scratches and knocks and is of course waterproof too!

    Kids wellies come in such cute colours & designs, as well as being able to get any size to fit in the gap you have and it is recycling old footwear that might otherwise get thrown away!

    If you find a nice pair you can also do the same to make adorable bookends!

  7. susan says:

    i came across the most practicle doorstop just yesterday. i went into a computer repair shop, and their door was held open by a 1 gallon glass jar, like a big pickle jar, and it was filled, with thousands of little bitty computer parts. ya know little bittie screws, keys from a keyboard, there was a mouse with it’s tail hanging out, and zillions of chips, and whatever else you’ll find inside that tower.


  8. pepa says:

    I use a can of tomatoes (1 kg) filled with cement and fine stone, then I lined with hemp rope to make it look more rustic.

  9. Leila says:

    I have been trying to figure out something to use at the office as a doorstop for months. And the glass jar with bits in it sounds perfect. Finally!

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