How can I reuse or recycle dolls’ house / Barbie furniture?

Doll furniture(Hey, sorry for not posting anything on Friday. I don’t celebrate Christmas so should have posted really but then we stayed up shockingly late playing video games on Thursday night because everyone was off work and I didn’t wake up until Friday afternoon :) )

We’ve had an email from Maya – which reminded me of an email Agata sent me a few weeks ago but which got buried in my email inbox for some reason – asking about reusing dolls’ furniture.

Maya says she has “loads of old doll furniture, mostly from Barbie sets. I don’t have a clue what can I do with them.”

Well, the obvious thing is, if they’re still in ok-to-good condition, to give them away, either to charity shops or through Freecycle – let someone else use them for their intended purpose.

It might also be worth checking eBay in case you’ve got an item that collectors want.

But assuming that’s not an option – say if they’re broken or damaged – what else can be done with them? Any crafty ways to repurpose them?

I’ve seen small dolls’ house kitchen items and the like made into jewellery – kitsch earrings, brooches or pendants – and I imagine something like a dining room table could be used as a podium type thing on a shelf to give a second layer for small items, and armchairs could become phone/ipod rests. Any other suggestions?

(Oh, and if case you’re interested, we covered the dolls themselves just about a year ago.)

(Stock photo by Carin)

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2 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle dolls’ house / Barbie furniture?”

  1. Reiza says:

    Not my holiday, but couldn’t you drill a hole and use them as ornaments?

  2. This is a bit of a stretch but I was at a Graphic Design conceptual competition and one of the ideas included sending out doll furniture as invites (for an auction of re-purposed furniture). But why not spray paint them, add messages using a sharpie, and drop them off at a friends house or use them as a paper weight.

    A safe house that has children could also benefit from them.

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