How can I reuse or recycle tissue paper?

An OMG-how-haven’t-we-featured-that-yet!! post today: tissue paper.

I just came across a giant sheet of it as packaging in a Chinese Chequers box and as I was folding it to put in my craft drawer, I realised we hadn’t used it on the site.

So I can keep it around for future packaging purposes and combining it with a comb might win me a place in a popular music combo – but what else can I do with it?

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8 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle tissue paper?”

  1. trish says:

    Paper mache. Especially if it’s colored tissue paper.


    Shipping padding.

    If it’s pretty, crumple into loose balls and place in a vase. Insta pretty.

  2. Arthur eiss says:

    Most paper or ‘insulative’ materials can be used together with other materials (because obviously you don’t have THAT much extra unused toilet paper at the end of the roll.) as insulation material (where this doesn’t violate building or fire codes.)

    For example, cordwood masonry has a layer of insulation built into the walls, usually they use sawdust which is good, but nothing wrong with mixing in some recycled materials like newspapers and tissue!

  3. Should have watched “smart” this week for kids. They attached tissue paper to a window then carefully tore it back into a design.

    With lots of PVA glue on it use it to make lampshades, you can incorporate petals or leaves in between layers.

    Scrunch it up slightly with PVA again and use to add texture to paintings or boxes, can be painted over when dry.

  4. MaryEllen says:

    Back drops in picture frames…if the picture is a bit too small.

    Cover blow pop suckers and tie with a string as “ghost” treats for halloween.


  5. Shauna Pugh says:

    How can I recycle old grey tiles – i have 100 of them and they are about A4 size – I read recently that tiles can contain asbestos – how do i work around this?



  6. Renee says:


  7. Willo Oswald says:

    Re tissue paper: The kind I must get rid of is a huge pile of sewing patterns, all mixed up and not reusable for sewing. Are the fibers in this paper too short to be useful in the paper-making process?

  8. D.Henke says:

    Re: recycling tissue paper~ I just talked with a person at our local recycling center and was told tissue paper is not recyclable. It’s to be thrown in with the regular trash.

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