How can I reuse or recycle (or redistribute) old memory cards?

memory cardsWe’ve kinda already the memory stick thing before but we’ve had an email from Michael which expands on the idea a bit:

Is there a charity or anything that redistributes old memory cards and USB keys? I’ve got some old flash cards from my old cameras and some SD cards too as well as the memory sticks. The biggest are 256kb so I doubt they would be worth selling but they all work, I’ve just got bigger storage ones now.

I have no idea I’m afraid but I like the idea – does anyone know of anything? (In fact, I like the idea so much that if there isn’t already a group doing it, I’ll set up a scheme to collect and redistribute them myself.)

And any reuse ideas for if they’re broken?

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10 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle (or redistribute) old memory cards?”

  1. anna says:

    broken ones – make earrings or keyrings.
    working ones – there should be enough people out there that need the memory of a specific kind, so the best would be to give to someone if unneeded :)

  2. Renee says:

    Perhaps a school could use them?

  3. Martin Jones says:

    There is a charity I’m involved with called Afrilink (reg: Scotland) that would be more than happy to collect working ones for use in Cameroon

  4. Lizzy says:

    I’m sure someone will have a use for them if they still work. I use a laptop for all my schoolwork, an essay tends to be about 90kb – and I need to transfer them to a PC for printing quite often – so there would be enough memory space for someone who could use them like that – if you can redistribute them.
    As for broken ones, maybe making smaller objects that wobble level?

  5. Mark Scarlett says:


    I’ve just set up a company to recycle memory cards and USB drives and am currently working with a lot of the mobile phone recycling companies. I am trying to think of a cost effective method to enable the general public to be able to simply send me their unwanted memory cards so that they can have a single point of reference. Any ideas, please let me know.

    Mark Scarlett

  6. Irfan Ilyas says:


    I currently run a company that redistributes memory cards and other electronic items such as laptops and PC’s around public organisiations, homes, schools, hospitals in the UK.

    If the Items are tested and confirmed working we have arrangements for pre paid shipping to our HQ.

    For small items such as memory cards we send a pre paid pre paid SAE.

    If you have any such items or have any further questions please odn’t hesitate to contact me through the above email address.

    Many Thanks

  7. Irfan Ilyas says:

    sorry my email address

  8. Alex says:

    I’ve been looking for a place to get free or very cheap SD cards. (storage of up to 256MB or more dep on price & availability).

    I would like to use them for photoshoots on the run, so I can offer the pictures to people when I take their portraits. If you have any ideas where I could find a large batch of such SD’s, please let me know.



  9. We recycle used memory cards for cash in the UK, we mainly purchase MicroSD memory cards, from 1GB to 64GB.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There is now a charity that recycle them to raise funds. You can find them at or you can post them to SD card recycling, DAWNS, ESDA, 1 Faraday Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 9BH

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