How can I reuse or recycle soggy old sponges?

spongeThis is possibly a bit like the sponge cleaner thing post but I thought it might be worth doing anyway.

Whenever we have (not sea sponge) bath sponges, they seem to be fine for a while then pretty suddenly go “soggy” in the middle – and the sog just won’t dry or wring out. Any suggestions for how to solve that problem?

And if not, what about suggestions for re-uses?

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11 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle soggy old sponges?”

  1. JJ says:

    you’re really not supposed to use Sponges after about 5x because the germs build up on them so badly. However, you can put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds (or longer) and it’s supposed to kill the germs. It may even bring them back to life.

  2. fuchsoid says:

    It might be lime-scale from hard water. I live in London, where the water is very hard, and find that cotton facecloths get slimy after a couple of weeks use. Soaking them in vinegar overnight gets rid of it, but does make them smell vinegary.

  3. brittany says:

    About that comment with hard water in london, sliminess and vinegar…eww

  4. Shabnam says:

    If you put your old sponge in the washer with your load, they’ll be clean afterwards. And if you don’t want to use them in the kitchen, use them for the rest of the house.

  5. Theora says:

    When cellulose sponges get too old and worn for kitchen use, use then for small paint touch-up jobs, polishing shoes, or cleaning the bathroom. Wash the kitchen sponge at least weekly.

  6. Delusion says:

    Cut them up, just them in a crafty way for “printing” with paints :)

  7. Ruti says:

    Might it have a gardening use if chopped up and dug in? Would it either lighten soil or hold onto water for dry spots?

  8. Shorty says:

    My mom always extends the life of sponges by popping them in the microwave to kill the germs. Also, when you’re done washing the dishes, you’ve got to wash out all the food and soap and wring out the sponge until it’s dry. After the sponge is too elderly for the dishes, then it’s used for the tub. After it’s too messed up for that, it’s used for the bathroom tiles or to soak up water spills.


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