How can I reuse or recycle … old loofahs?

Loofah spongeI’ve just gone to use our loofah sponge (aka luffa/loofer) in the shower and noticed it was black with mould along one side. I thought I’d been really good and let it dry thoroughly after each use but I guess I’ve slipped up somewhere, it’s stayed soggy and the mould has taken advantage.

The thought of using something mouldy as a body scrubber doesn’t really appeal but obviously I’m not just going to throw it away. So what other options are there?

It’s a natural product (not a synthetic copy) so as a minimum, I could probably compost it – but I’d like to re-use it if possible. Any suggestions?

(Photo by Jerry Crimson Mann on WikiCommons)

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15 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … old loofahs?”

  1. Bobbie says:

    Clean it up with vinegar and see if you can’t save it. When I lived in Lebanon we used them to wash the dishes.

    • Anna says:

      As small as Lebanon can be, as happy and proud I am to read someone mentionning it !
      Hope u enjoyed it back here !

  2. Blondini says:

    How about using it as liner for basket or use it as the planter by attaching air plants or small rooted plants like succulents. Spider plant pups still attached to the mother plant by long tough tendril could be weaved through. Im now going to retrieve mine.

  3. Delusion says:

    If you can get the mould off with vinegar like Bobbie recommended, it would be good for some cleaning jobs – scrubbing the cat litter tray, cleaning old plant pots etc.

  4. Use it to clean the toilet, car or for other jobs. Failings that cut it up and use it as a mat to germinate plant seeds.

  5. Jana says:

    Loofah is a type of squash/gourd. It’s completely biodegradable. Compost it!

  6. abby says:

    after cleaning off the mold, try using it as a decoration. For instance, use it as a toothbrush holder.

  7. shelly says:

    use it to clean the tub and sink out…it is just abrasive enough that it shouldn’t scratch but will release the scum build up without using too much elbow grease or chemicals! (I would use vinager and baking soda)

  8. rooty says:

    use it to make cool effects when your painting! Vinegar… i did not know that..

  9. RiverSky says:

    Perhaps try soaking in vinegar (white or apple cider), then boiling it, it should come out clean as can be. If you still don’t want to use it on your body, then you can use it for cleaning around the house, scrubbing floors and tubs and such.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Use it to make glycerine soap for gifts. Just heat up the loofah in the pot to melt the glycerine soap. Add colors and fragrances (citrus works well)The heat from the melting will take care of any funk. put it into a mold (maybe a soda can, or bottle with the top removed or somthing of similar shape) and let cool till hardened. Cut the mold away and slice into desired thickness pieces of exfoliating soap.

  11. renee says:

    mix it with wax scraps and you have a funky fire starter

  12. Gulia says:

    If they have big halls inside, use them as seed starters, then plant in a soil together with the plant.

  13. tammie says:

    this is some very cleaver ideas, I love the plant deal with the spider plant!

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