How can I reuse or recycle a fur coat?

Fur coatWe’ve had an email from “the Cleworths”, asking a rather interesting question:

A family member died and we are left with a fur coat that charity shops won’t take and neither will any period clothing outlets.

Any advice as how to pass this on other than taking to dump?

I can see why charity shops won’t take them – even though it’s second hand, it’d still be promoting the idea of fur as clothing – but does that mean the coat should just be dumped?

Is there anything that can be done with it that won’t promote the future use of fur – but stops this fur being wasted?

(Photo by markjhandel)

UPDATE: I’ve just deleted about 40 comments of people trying to buy or sell fur coats. I don’t like censoring discussion but this isn’t the place for it or for organising buying/selling stuff and it’s clogging up the comments list. Any future comments of this nature will be deleted too.

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93 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle a fur coat?”

  1. ibrahim al najjar says:

    i have fur coats for sale if any one is interested.i have all kinds short and long.they are of all kinds:bear,fox,sheep,bison and others.if u are interested leave me a message on my alot

  2. LISAG says:

    There are places in the US to recycle FUR . check out my blog


  3. Denise says:

    I’m a veg, and I don’t promote buying new furs, but once you have a fur coat that someone passed down to you it’s not like you can bring the animal back to life. If you have any sewers in your family, I’d suggest looking up teddy bear patterns. We have a fur teddy bear in our house that was made under the same situation. This way you can still have an heirloom that you can pass down to someone, and the fur doesn’t go to waste.

  4. BRIN RICHARD says:

    Ther is so thing to be made with the old fur coats.You can visit our facebook/boutique-atelier-lausanne or Away of restoring life in our old fur coats

  5. Tom Moriber says:

    My name is Tom Moriber , I have been a Fur Designer for many years. I see you are getting a large amount of interested people that are trying to decide what to do with beautiful out-of- style or old furs. I think I have the answer for them. If thay go to my website thay may find the answer. Thay will see what I have developed for the novic, a Fur Recycling kit. With these Fur Recycling kits thay can make beautiful, useful fur creations at the faction of the cost of having someone else make it for them. If thay have any questions the can reach me by email. Tom Moriber

    • J wood says:

      Hi I’m interested in making real fur teddy bears
      But I do not promote the selling of or buying real fur coat in anyway.
      The teddies I make would be for presents for family and friends.
      If anyone wishes to donate a old recycled real fur coat.
      To me I would pay for postal costs.
      I would also make you a teddy bear if you wish free of charge. For your trouble.
      My view is the poor animals are all ready dead
      Now what a waste for it just to be dumped.

      • Jack says:

        I’ve got an unwanted heirloom fur coat you could have if you are not too far away in the UK and I would just love to have one for the family, should there be enough to go round.

      • J Osman says:

        I have just inherited a fur coat. Are you still interested for making teddy bears. I would love one in memory of the person I inherited it from

  6. BEA says:

    An American site said animal sanctuaries are glad of furs when nursing some animals. Does anyone know if there is a similar charity in UK to take furs? Thanks.

    • J wood says:

      Hi I’m interested in making teddy bears with old recycled real animal fur coats
      But I do not promote the selling of or buying real fur
      They would be presents for family and friends
      I would pay for postal cost. And make anyone a bear for your trouble.
      The poor animals are all ready dead what a waste for them just to be dumped thanks

  7. janet smith says:

    I have two old mink furs, a deep brown coat and a silver-gray stole. Do you know of anyone in Los Angeles who designs and makes clothing trimmed with recycled fur?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Recycle your fur coat, my mom taught us to sew as boys and I was given a long fox coat of hers when she past away. I did some
    looking on the web and found a diy on turning a coat into a throw.
    It is very easy to do and you don’t have to change the shape of coat other then taking sleeves, lining off. Sewing up holes and doing a whip stitch to put a soft backer on it. Cost me $25 and a little time.

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