How can I reuse or recycle plastic coat hangers?

Plastic coat hangerWire coat hangers? Easy peasy of course; I often find myself craving wire coat hangers just so I can reuse them – perfect stiff but malleable wire for all sorts of household and garden uses, as well as craft stuff.

But plastic ones from shops? With those, I’m at a loose end. The vast majority of clothes I buy are super casual t-shirts & tops but the shops always try to insist I take the hangers too even though the t-shirts have “I will live in a drawer” stamped all over them (well, not literally. Except on that one shirt).

Knickers too. Who on earth hangs knickers up apart from shops? Those hangers are the worse because they’re so flimsy you can’t even reuse them as hangers around the home.

I always say ‘no, thanks’ when asked about hangers – and try to mention it if they don’t ask – but I don’t always get a chance and so we have a surplus around the house. I’m also rather sceptical about what happens to, particularly the flimsy ones, when left in the shop: am I just leaving it from them to throw away instead of me?

Sigh. So any ideas? Anyone know of any recycling companies collecting clothes hangers? Any reuses or upcycling ideas?

Best Suggestions

  • Reduce: Just say no! Leave them at the shop. But do make sure they’ll reuse or recycle them.
  • Pass them on: Some charity shops take donations of good quality hangers to use in their shops. And some shelters/re-homing organisations provide them for residents use in the shelter and when they move onto their own homes.
  • Reuse: Upcycle them to make peg bags, hanging storage units, mobiles or fun padded hangers.
  • Recycle: Some big supermarkets collect plastic clothes hangers for recycling – check with your local store or local council for locations.
  • See the comments below for more suggestions and ideas

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31 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle plastic coat hangers?”

  1. Jo says:

    Have a clear out of old clothes too and make yourself some peg bags. Just cut to size (bigger clothes) or sew up all the holes (kids clothes and small tops)add your hanger into the top and presto ready to sell at the next local fete or school fundraiser!

  2. Rosie says:

    look on thenet for instructions to make padded hangers.. these really do stop the clothes getting unsightly lumps on them.. and preserve the clothing.
    Presents, things to sell at fets etc, unusually themed for kids or grown ups… how unusual?

  3. linda t says:

    yes good ideas but it does not help with the collection i now have

  4. catherine says:

    Its a shame you can’t recycle them like plastic bottles or take them somewhere so that shops can use them again

    • Anonymous says:

      I send my plastic coathangers to the following address:-

      Cotswold Plastics Reclamation Ltd
      Unit 107 Aston Down
      GL6 8HR

      All they ask is that you split them between PS and PP plastic types (which is printed on most hangers)and they recycle them.

      I have sent loads of them using 2nd class post so its not too costly. Everytime I buy something new I make sure the shop assistant doesn’t put the hanger in the bag. I now have just the right amount of hangers at home!

  5. feedback says:

    Why can’t you recycle them?

  6. Melinda says:

    I use the plastic hangers when I hang clothes to dry. It saves space and helps them dry in a better shape.

  7. pixi says:

    i make faerie wings out of my old wire coat hangers ……plastic ones you can make interesing mobiles , a pirate hat ….maby grated down to produce filler or …the base for a wind chime…..wooden…. , are good as coat hangers xx

  8. pixi says:

    ps you can recycle anything ….:)

  9. pixi says:

    p.s you can recycle anything …the possibilities are endless xx

  10. Leigh Atley says:

    Cotswold Plastics reclamation no longer exisits and cannot take any coat hangers.
    The best route now is either Mainetti in Deeside or Braitrim in London.

  11. davis says:

    Thank you for your email.

    We are unable to take your hangers here but can I suggest you check if your local Charity store would like them as Iā€™m sure they will put them to good use.

    Thank you for thinking of us first



    this was the reply i got from braitrim, so much for their envoromental efforts

  12. rene says:

    i have got 1.2tons hangers that have already been sorted and granulated. Anybody interested to buy it for recycling?

  13. lavi says:

    i am interested in some plastic hangers (about 50) if anyone has pls feel free to post to me.


  14. Amanda says:

    You can always take them to the local womens/homeless shelters, the residents are always in need of them when they leave to start out on their own.

    A local church for the congregation to hang their coats while in service

    2nd hand shops

    Toronto, ON

  15. J says:

    I am looking for 600 hangers. I need them to be all the same. Can anyone help?

  16. Sarah Habbershaw says:

    Our local Tesco (Grimsby) have just installed a coat hanger collection point for recycling!!! Result!! I’ve already taken 3 carrier bags full!!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Yes, just seen on Tesco’s website that they’re introducing hanger recycling in their larger stores. I have a pile of about 50 hangers that are too small for my daughters’ clothes now, that I was going to bin. But now I’ll take them there instead. Excellent idea Tesco!

  17. Andrew Walker says:

    I sometimes like to pretend i’m a pirate and i use coat hangers as hook hands. Its really great fun.

  18. Contact us at Re-HANG and we will take your unwanted hangers and redistribute them!

    Contact me at

  19. Kelly says:

    Need used coathangers, anyone know where I can buy them from?

  20. angus carnie says:


    I have found a company that recycles all types of coat hangers including broken ones called 300 Recycling and it is free!!!!

    • Clive Adams says:

      I used to work for a hanger manufacturing company called Mainetti in Deeside, North Wales. They have a massive recycling operation there where they sort and grade the hangers and re-use if suitable. Any which are damaged go in the grinder after which they re-melt the plastic and make new hangers from them. Even the hooks are recycled as aluminium scrap.

      Quite a few companies, such as Littlewoods and M&S return trailer-loads at a time (I used to pick them up!)

  21. Angus says:

    Put them on freecycle ( every time I have put up an offer for my unwanted hangers they have been snapped up.


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