How can I reuse or recycle dental floss packaging

dental_floss250.jpgWe’ve had an email from [Am]:

My partner and I have been wracking our brains trying to find a use for the plastic dental floss packaging. The part that holds the floss and has a little blade at the top.

I’ve looked for company websites to see if they can be returned and used to no avail!

I’ve just popped our pack open to see what the deal is with them – it flipped open really easily but I have forced it in the past during a previous curious moment. Because it flipped open easily and inside is just a spool, I guess you could refill the spool and use it for other things – but aside from cotton, I can’t think of anything else that would work. And I suspect it would be more hassle to refill the spool with cotton rather than just using it of the reel itself.

Has anyone else go any other suggestions for refilling the spool? Or other uses for the packaging?

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22 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle dental floss packaging”

  1. Trish says:

    well, IF you can refill it, put some thread in it, and a needle if it will fit, instant sewing kit for your purse, or car.

  2. rose lynch says:

    Could you remove the blade and use it to store spare seeds?

  3. Nichola says:

    Maybe a bobbin would fit on the little spool, you could wind the cotton onto the bobbin using a sewing machine and like Trish said, add a few needles and you have a sewing kit.

  4. marco says:

    maybe, if you remove the blade you could use it as an ipod headphones case, to stop the wires getting tangled up.

  5. Jein says:

    Perhaps if it is big enough you can use it for gum, lozenges, pills, (if you are brave enough for pills anyhow) small notes of paper or receipts you want to be sure to find…and maybe if all else fails it’d make a nice cat toy? XD Kinda sleepy, maybe I’ll think of something better later. Good luck to all who want to reuse their dental floss packaging.

  6. jackduan says:

    Dear sirs:

    I admire your creative ideas to do the useful things.

    Mabye,you can draw the character of cartoon on the plastic dental floss packing,You can take it as the children’s toy.

    I worked as a manufacturer that specialized in the dental health products,such as dental floss,dental floss pick and onther products.

    Now,we have produced the new design credit card dental floss.If you are interested it ,pls let me know.

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  7. sam says:

    you could remove the top of it and the guts fill it with a drink and shove a spoon in it it might help to encorage little kids to keep hydrated. miniture ice block makers

  8. renee says:

    lots of them have a cool space age design to them Turn them into toys, brooches or even pendants. you can even melt them into different shapes.

  9. pamela says:

    put thread in it, and use for sewing kits…the cutter blade works instead of scissors….also, I am a basket maker, and i make little necklace pouches out of waxed linen thread. I have carried waxed linen thread, which i use for weaving, on airplanes, where they will not allow scissors. I can cut the thread, and weave with my fingers.

  10. James says:

    I have found that you can put 20 nickels ($1 worth) in a used box of floss after removing the mechanisms inside. This could be extremely useful for a coin collector or someone counting their nickels and dimes so that they don’t waste any money in these turbulent times.

  11. James Jeep says:

    Maybe you could put fishing line onto it, knotting it at the spool so that it does not come off and attach it to a small stick. Attach some net curtain eye hooks to the stick. Then you would then have a handy pocket fishing set. Attach a hook to the end of the fishing line and “Go fishing” If the fish puts up too much fight you can use the handy blade to cut the line.

  12. tina says:

    how do u recylc floss

  13. Anonymous says:

    Store small items like beads, pins, screws.

  14. Loretta says:

    When your dental floss is gone, don’t throw away the square plastic container it came in. It’s useful for many things.

    It makes a great take-along sewing kit, spice shaker, tea bag and toothpick holder, etc.

    To make a tiny sewing kit simply pop off the insides with a fork prong. There’s just enough room for several bobbins of thread, sewing needles and a needle threader. To cut the thread, use fingernail clippers.

    They also make a perfect holder for those hand and face wipes.

    For on the go, dental floss containers hold 2 – 3 bags of tea or the next time you go camping, they make great take-long spice shakers. Simply pop off the plastic insides, fill with herbs and spices then pop the insides back on to help with shaking. (don’t overfill or they can pop open. When storing spices, wrap with a rubberband)

    These containers are perfect to store hair clips and pony elastics in. (No more digging to the bottom of your purse!)

    They make great toothpick carriers too, as well as a place to store your vitamins for taking after meals.

    My friend uses one to keep his guitar picks in.

  15. G says:

    It makes a good travel case for earrings that tend to get lost, or other small items. Also can be used to hold a condom in your purse or pocket for discretion.

  16. T. Lake says:

    You could make a mailbox for Barbie.

  17. She says:

    I use one to hold my subway tokens. Subway tokens are the size of a dime but worth a LOT more. I do not like them to get mixed up with my change in my purse/wallet. This keeps them safe.

  18. Ellie Rosen says:

    Use as a yarn bobbin when knitting, especially intarsia knitting. Remove the blade & extras inside, wind yarn around your baby finger, place it on the spool inside, leave a tail outside & close. The yarn will stay while not being worked.

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