How can I reuse or recycle … a really big piece of flat slate?

A pool tableHad an email from Scott Tillman:

I hate throwing away old furniture, but sometimes there’s nothing left to do but mulch that old wood and move on. That’s fine except now I have the slate top to an old pool table (so its about 4’x8’x1″) and I’m trying to figure out what I can do with it.

I’m a handy-man, so no idea is too crazy. I have thought about building a new base for the pool table, but I don’t really have a rec room big enough to use it. And I _really_ don’t need a 500 lb. chalk board.

If it’s in a good condition, I guess you could use it as dining table top – but only if such a heavy and striking feature would work in your house.

The other idea that springs to mind is Freecycle in case anyone else in Scott’s area could use it as a pool table or whatever – but it sounds like he’d like to use it himself – so any suggestions? Remember crazy isn’t an issue : )

(Photo by cmx82)

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25 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … a really big piece of flat slate?”

  1. Chris says:

    Get in touch with that Guinness Book of Records – you could have the World’s Biggest Roofing Tile there.

    • Teedgeopild says:

      hi fellas
      I’m going to buy a new wheels. Wish to have a luxury car, but don’t know for sure what to choose… Can somebody advise me smth?

  2. Hannah Phillips says:

    Why not paint it or get a friend to paint it and then sell it on ebay. I think it could work really well as a featured art piece in a large old house. (No mine isnt big enough either but you would be surprised what people will pay for)

  3. Why not offer it to an architectural salvage yard? They love stuff like that and someone will be willing to buy it for a garden feature or summat like that.

  4. jill says:

    A slate base could be adapted to make a useful sized out-door table for you garden which, unlike coventional wooden tables, would not rot.

  5. purimhero says:

    Large slate slabs like that are often used to fireproof floors and walls so that you can install wood stoves and the like.

  6. punkybub says:

    Sell it to be cut into a kitchen countertop.

  7. Sack36 says:

    Use it as a slate bottom in a coy pond or as a small patio. Jack-hammer it into 3 or 4 pieces and turn it into a water feature. Inlay it into a hillside to make seating.

  8. Golden Phoenix says:

    Beware when using slate as table tops, kitchen work surfaces or even floor tiles. (particularly in the kitchen) It is very easiy marked by grease and oils, so unless you don’t mind a spotty table make sure you get it treated with varnish or something similar.

    • johnq says:

      I used pool table slate for kitchen countertops in my home. Sand them and oil them with minerial oil. They’re amazing and cheap.

      • lehnerb says:

        I have been considering this- does it work? do you have a picture of your finished counter tops> I was wondering about using old pool tables as bathroom shower walls too…

  9. DKdesign says:

    I am actually looking for a piece of slate like that to make into a Kitchen countertop. I have never had any trouble with slate marking or staining, actually I have heard on the contrary, they resist staining really well and I would NOT varnish slate.

    • lehnerb says:

      did you ever do this? do you have a pic?

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a slate from a very large snooker table.. can’t figure out what to do with it either.. lots of suggestions here and other places on internt, but few few actual positive projects. venture just cutting this is a project in itself.

  10. jon gregg says:

    please check out we could offer your slate an alternative fate

  11. Bobbie says:

    If I had a small piece of slate I’d write “Wildflower Garden” on it and place it at the entrance of my wildflower garden :)

  12. lehnerb says:

    does anyone know what kind of slate is used in pool tables?

    • johnq says:

      lehnerb – I’m wasn’t sure what kind of slate is used for pool tables, until i went to How Stuff Works and looked it up. We had about 30′ of counter top in our last house. With that much surface I learned a few things. We’ve only been in our current house for about year and half, but are planning on using it again. Finding a source in our new town has been difficult, but even in the Metro area we lived in before, it wasn’t easy to find free. I do have pictures and some free advice (worth every penny). If your still interested send a note to jhquinton at gmail and ask me about it.

  13. Tanja says:

    Just curious. What did you ever do with the slate?

  14. we just had a hearth cut from an old billiard table

  15. Joyful says:

    Is it possible to use snooker table slate as flooring . I know there are pocket holes , but I thought these could be filled in with small tiles or something . I have been offered 4 large tables and long for a real slate floor.

  16. emppee says:

    Pool table slate can be easily cut with a diamond blade on a circular saw and a water spray bottle (or hose drip, better to do it on the lawn it’s messy).

  17. mike viaene says:

    Use it for your headstone.

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