How can I reuse or recycle flat soda water or flat tonic water?

We’ve had an email from Ellie:

I’ve found about half a dozen opened bottles of soda water and tonic water in the back of our drinks cupboard from last Christmas (I don’t know why there is so many!) They’re flat now but I know you can use soda water for stain removal so I wondered if you knew of any ways I can use them up.

Soda water (aka Club Soda) is a useful stain remover for liquid spills but I’ve heard that part of it is how the fizz “lifts” the stain – so I’m not sure it’ll be still as useful for that.

Some sources recommend soda water as a mineral-rich water for plants – flat stuff would still work for that – or, similarly, tonic water can help keep cut flowers fresh (used one part tonic to two parts tap water).

One other thing about tonic water – the quinine in it causes it to glow in the dark. We’ve obviously missed Halloween now but it lend itself to some fun decoration ideas…

Any other ideas for how to use up those fizz-less drinks?

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6 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle flat soda water or flat tonic water?”

  1. Juliet van Ree says:

    It works very well for aquatic plants. But make sure to check if there is no algae or other signs of rotting in the soda before applying. Also if you have fish in a tank/pond with aquatic plants you need to be extra careful and only apply little bits at once.

  2. You could re-carbonise the water using a sodastream – should be as good as new afterwards.

  3. Ps. I thought I should add that under no cirucumstances should you attempt to use the water to top up your car battery – the water is slightly alkaline whereas the battery is acidic (if you need to topup your car battery just used tapwater than has been boiled twice).

  4. James Bushy says:

    Nice to hear you drain your battery’s

    For some devolopment work I am doing re Battery I need the top compleat with Termenals dont mind if you just cut the top off

    Can you supply some 3 4 for me please happy to come and fetch them J Mike Bushy

  5. ezeveritt says:

    I was looking for a way to recycle flat soda. I will try it around some undesired plants to see the results before putting it to me pot plants. I have to run now but I will be back. I saw many topics on your website that I want to explore. Thank you for this website. I LOVE to RECYCLE!

    Thank you,


  6. Uluska says:

    Use it to boil compote, other beverages; when baking use instead of water, even make soup. Make ice cubes.

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