How can I reuse or recycle … miniature bottles?

Miniature wine bottlesA suggestion from vweiss:

What can I do to reuse the little mini-wine bottles? I keep collecting them…hate to throw them even in the recycle bin as they seem practical to use for something?! They are so cute. There must be a creative use for them.

I don’t know whether vweiss means those half-wine bottles (which usually have a screw lid) – if so, that can probably be included with the previous narrow-necked bottles post – or the collectable miniatures, like the ones you get in overpriced mini-bars, but let’s presume the latter.

So any suggestions?

(Photo by wax115)

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19 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … miniature bottles?”

  1. Arnaud says:

    Maybe you could buy big bottles to refill them.

  2. Shellie says:


    How about using them as refillable bottles for spices for the kitchen.

    • Katz says:

      Shellie wrote:

      How about using them as refillable bottles for spices for the kitchen.

      – totally agree. You can wash the present labels off and glue new ones on them with names of the spices. (just make sure that they are completely dry after washing, before filling them up).
      To make it easy to use you can make holes in the srew top (or if they have a plastic cork inside – even better!). Use a niddle for it (you can vary the size of the holes by using different size of niddles)

  3. bev says:

    While it’s probably somewhat dubious to have them playing with glass, my kids used to use them for playing shop – they were just the right size for them to pass back and forth. They didn’t know what sherry and whiskey where though so they just used to pretend they were fancy coke bottles!

  4. Zoe says:

    I use them as a travel size dose of cough medicine when I am sick

  5. Vanessa says:

    Clean them out well, and fill them with a homemade spice mix, bubble bath, bath salt, etc for a nice gift :) Tie a nice card or label on it.

  6. drew says:

    if you are feeling ambitious you can make small drinking glasses out of small bottles – very suitable for spirits.

    simply take a length of durable but thin cord – dress shoe laces would work- and soak it in kerosene. tie it around the bottle snugly and light it. let it burn out and let the bottle cool and then, holding the bottle at the bottom gently tap the other end on a hard surface (wood works best) and the top of the bottle will pop right off. file down and thouroughly sand the new edges and bada bing bada boom , tiny little glasses for sake etc.!

  7. trish says:

    keep them as decoration.

    you could wash the labels off the plastic ones, fill them half full of water, freeze and use as ice cubes.

  8. tori says:

    You can use them for lots of things! Small containers like that are great for making your own salad dressings. That way they are not only transportable but the amount is just right for cooking purposes.
    If the glass is clear, you can make mini-sand glasses. You take white sand and shells – put into bottle and cap it off add some ribbon and voila! Instant party favor.
    You can also recycle them with regular recyables. You cant take them to recyling centers for return deposits though.

  9. Dawn says:

    I have some suggestions. I’m actually trying to get some to use in a craft I’m making.(Gel Candles) Please get in contact with me.

  10. Fishcake says:

    small servings of condiments for picnics?
    single flower vases?

  11. Vickie Weiss says:

    Thanks to everyone for their creative suggestions. Since I am a teacher, I will try one of the suggestions so my kids can fill a bottle with a bath mix of some kind to give their Moms. I also loved the spice bottles idea. All your suggestions were wonderful~thanks

  12. njtomboy says:

    Mini bottle tree

    A great way to display your bottles:

  13. Renee says:

    I use some when I’m away from home for a few nights and don’t want to lug big bottles of shampoo and conditioner with me. Just fill and store…but take off the labels and add your own so you and others know whats in there.

  14. Lori says:

    I made a wonderful table arrangement with different sizes of wine bottles, and then the small bottles, each with one or two flowers in them, looked great and very simple.

  15. Elena Farrant says:

    Two ways I used mine. 1) filled one with olive oil, one with salt and one with pepper for camping. And 2) painted some black some I did a mercury glass treatmeant filled with colored waters and put lables on them with spooky writing for halloween like “love potion” “goblin goo” “phantom poison”.

  16. Alena says:

    Fill them with perfume.


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