How can I reuse or recycle tetrapak?

I’ve caught wind recently about a company that recycles tetrapak. Since the stuff is getting everywhere, even where it’s not needed, these days, it’s nice to see that someone is recycling it on a large scale.

But what about reuses around the home and garden before sending it off for recycling?

Any suggestions?

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14 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle tetrapak?”

  1. Em says:

    Ooooo Tetra Pak, this has had me thinking as well so I did some research…..
    Tetra Pak makes up between 0.3% and 0.7% of the domestic waste stream – that is not much really – plastic bottles = 2%, cardboard = 4%.

    Suggested uses I can think of would be….

    Cut the carton down to make paint pots for kids play.

    Cut the cardon down, punch holes in the bottom and use for growing plants in.

    Cut off the top and use as a pen/pencil/make up brush tidy.

    cheers, Em:-)

  2. nicola says:

    hoe do you recycle old cameras that are the moment my little boy takes pretend pics with them.

  3. dotjay says:

    Link above from Cadan ap Tomos is incorrect – should be as in the article: .com is a link farm.

  4. louisa says:

    I’ve just made a small bird feeder out of an old tetrapak juice carton.

    I cut flaps in three of the sides. I then folded up the flap bit up to make little shelters (so the food doesn’t get soaked). I then strengthened all the cut edges with duct tape (oh wonderful duct tape).

    I pierced a couple of holes in the top and threaded string through to make a loop, and used that to hang it on the tree.

    My only regret is I didn’t leave a deeper food well at the bottom – but since I can see it from the window, I’ll just keep an eye on it when to refill it. :)

    tetra pak birdfeeder

  5. louisa says:

    Tetrapak bird feeder #2: a horizontal one rather than a hanging one

    For the bedroom (first floor) window sill. Two containers – one on its side with the (now top) side panel removed, and the bottom third of the second one as a water reservoir.

    As we always have bird feeders on the sill, we’ve screwed a permanent hook fixed into the stone – I attached the bird feeder to this hook and fastened it tight with string. I also weighed it down with a few big pebbles (this also lessened the amount of seeds/water needed to fill it up) so it’s less likely to get blown around.

    I hope the blue tits making their nest near the roof like it :)


  6. Steve Gittins says:

    Apparently, if you dry them out and scrunch them up, they make excellent firelighters for you barbeque.

    • Samantha says:

      Not a good idea to burn tetra pak as they have a plastic layer and as you probably know, burning plastic is really toxic (deadly dioxins).

  7. Fee says:

    Use for soap moulds.
    Cartons make a nice square soap.

  8. polo says:

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  9. Scraptopower says:

    You can make bird boxes out of tetra paks, have a look here:

  10. Emma Ferris says:

    Hi All,

    I make Tetra Purses and Wallets out of these Cartons. Please collect them and send them to me to be reused in the UK. Email me if you have any.

    Many Thanks

    Emma Ferris


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