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How can I reduce the amount of time I spend in the lovely, hot shower?

showerThe next Reduce This question from Alice:

I need help to get out of the shower quicker – I take long hot showers that actually use more water than a bath would, just because it’s so nice in there. Costs a fortune in gas bills!

Mmm, hot showers…

I could suggest getting a timer (or if you’ve already got some sort of music set-up in the bathroom, a playlist/CD of songs/ all about the right length) so you know when you’ve been in there a set amount of time – but obviously you’ll still need will power to get out ;)

Thanks to our then-broken boiler, our shower used to go icy cold after a couple of minutes – even though we knew it would get warm again eventually (usually after another minute or so), it was enough to get us out – no will power required. Is there something you can attach to boilers/showers that can mimic that?

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle bath water or water from the shower?

BathwaterNext Sunday is World Water Day so I thought we’d run with that theme here on Recycle This this week.

Hopefully we’re all already doing what we can to reduce our water consumption – low-flush toilets, taking showers rather than baths, turning the tap off between rinses when cleaning our teeth, a water butt or two in the garden, etc – but what about reusing greywater from around the house – from that shower or bath, for example?

Proper greywater systems, which recycle washing water to flush toilets, can be expensive (in terms of set-up and space) to fit but drop household water usage by around 30%.

I know other people with showers-over baths take care with their soap use and save the water to use on their gardens, or use the still pretty-clean water to pre-soak heavily soiled clothes. (I take muddy clothes into the shower with me and stomp about on them to get the muck out before washing them as normal, saves needing a second run through the machine.)

Any other practical ways to reuse that water?

How can I reuse or recycle shower curtain rings?

We’ve had an email from Carole Minvielle about shower curtain rings:

I have loads of these stored for some use I am yet to discover, but I found a use for ONE! I wanted a pretty soap dish for my favourite scented soap but it had to have ridges in the bottom so the water could drain off and the soap not be a soggy mess.
But the only ones I could find were ugly.

Eventually, I had the idea of putting a plastic shower curtain ring in the base of a pretty dish. The soap goes on top, stays dry and lasts longer, the translucent white ring disappears against the white dish, and the dish looks lovely in my bathroom.
But what can I do with the other 30-odd?

We’ve got loads of wooden rings (exactly like the ones pictured) floating around too – I think the person that owned the house before us had a bit of an obsession. I’ve thrown a stash in my craft supplies box – for use, say, at the bottom of a macrame plant hanger – but aside from that I can’t think of much else to do with them. Suggestions?

What’s greener – baths or showers?

Shower head by Bharat TalrejaOk, that sounds like a bit of a no-brainer but let’s elaborate on it a bit:

What’s greener a bath – which allows the water to be recycled on the garden or into a grey water system – or a shower where the water just goes down the drain?

How about if the bath water is heated in a gas boiler and the shower is electric?

(photo by Bharat Talreja, c/o