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Fab free recycling posters – what you can and can’t recycle

Illustrator Fee Harding (also known as Burntfeather) got in touch this morning to confess:

I’ve been guilty of not recycling!

This overwhelming guilt forced me to start looking into what I could and could not recycle and then set out to design a set of posters to blu tak above my recycling stash in my kitchen!

I thought your readers might enjoy being able to print out their own.

You can download the posters from Fee’s site and you really should – they’re great!

She’s divided packaging waste into “the good, the bad and the ugly” – what you can recycle and can’t recycle – and added helpful hints. Very useful and cute – thanks Fee!

How can I reuse or recycle old laminated posters?

laminated postersWe’ve had a message on our Suggestions page from Ruti (who, incidentallty, have left hundreds of useful ideas all over the site over the last few days – thanks Ruti!):

What to do with laminated signs? I work in a 6th form College and various signs etc. are produced as A3 or A4 and laminated. However, eventually some details become out of date.

What could I do with these? there are only so many placemats / craft messy mats anyone could need!

For some reason, I can’t think of anything other than using white ones to make snowflake decorations – but the end of January is possibly a bit late for that type of thing.

So any other suggestions?