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How can I reuse or recycle silicone awareness bracelets?

awareness-braceletWe’ve had an email from Sally:

Hi. My eldest collected lots of those gel awareness bracelets when they were all the rage a few years ago but now she says she doesn’t want them any more… What can I do with them?

I imagine like other rubber-ish items (like rubber gloves), they could be used to provide extra grip on sometimes slippery or cold surfaces – like metal handles of shovels.

Is there enough give in them to be able to use them as very strong elastic bands?

Any other suggestions?

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Recycled into Jewellery – a mini-round-up of upcycled accessories

It’s been a little while since I showed off some awesome recycled crafts but I really should get back on with that because, wow, some of them are ace.

Here’s a selection of creations by three wonderful women, who are, coincidentally, all currently based in the north-west of England – sometimes I’m think I’m living on the wrong side of the Pennines… :)

0909-abscraft 0909-abscraft-fascinator

First up, Recycle This’s favourite wire-woman Alison Bailey Smith has been making pins, brooches and fascinators by recycling assorted plastic packaging and the like (above) – I particularly like the way she’s used bottle lids and the lids as centre pieces.

0909-swirlyNext, Ann Ellis sent over these necklaces/bracelets (above) she makes out by upcycling plastic bottles, bags and cans – gorgeous stuff and again, like Alison’s things, not something you’d immediately guess what it was made from.

Finally, Lynsey from SwirlyArts has been making brooches out of old buttons (right) – and badges out of old maps and other vintage papers.

Great stuff!

How can I make jewellery by reusing and recycling stuff?

beaded necklacesWe’ve had another email from Agata:

Hey, it’s me once again :P I love jewelry: bangles, charms, earrings, bracelets, broaches and so on. Do you have any ideas, what can I transform into this bling-bling stuff?

I already know about waterbottle beads and paper beads, but what else?

As I’ve said before, I love fun, DIY jewellery too – making it as much as wearing it.

I’m not sure whether Agata is asking for ways to transform/revamp old jewellery or make new stuff so ideas for both are welcome.

My favourite earrings at the moment are ones I made from salvaged buttons – the buttons dangle on wires but I’ve made small buttons into cute studs before too.

I also love Jane Eldershaw’s junk jewellery and the great stuff Alison Bailey Smith makes out of old wire from televisions.

As for renovating old stuff, I’ve got a wooden bangle that’s a lovely shape but has got a weird pattern on it – that’s ripe for wrapping in wire (just as soon as I find some suitable stuff), and I’m always taking apart old necklaces to salvage their beads for new projects.

I suspect this is a pretty wide topic and it comes down to personal aesthetics in the end about what you make but what’s your favourite thing to recycle into jewellery (or beads etc)?

(Oh, and Agata: once you’ve made all your new stuff, you might want to check out this post: how to make jewellery organisers by recycling stuff?)

(Photo by sloopjohnb)

How can I reuse or recycle old watches?

watchWe’ve had an email from Amy:

Hi all! I’ve got a collection of watches which no longer work. They were all cheapy plastic fashion ones (I know, I know, naughty me! I’m much better about that sort of thing now!) so it’s not like they’ll have much value second hand. Will charity shops want them or will they just throw them away?

I guess it depends how they’re broken – if they just need a new battery, they’re probably be more willing than if it’s a broken and not-easily-replaceable strap or cracked face. Anyone work in a charity shop and able to advise further?

Aside from passing it on through a charity shop or Freecycle or whatever, how about stripping it for parts and making some steampunk-style jewellery?

Any other suggestions?

(Photo of a really quite nice watch by vierdrie)