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How can I reuse or recycle old gift bags?

Gift bags are great alternative to wrapping paper because it’s a lot easier to reuse them, and amongst everyone I’ve ever spoken to about it, it’s generally accepted that people will reuse them to give similar sized gifts in the future.

But what about when they get a bit tatty to be recirculated again?

I’ve got one – made out of a light card instead of heavy paper – to keep my small, current crochet project out of the preying paws of cats, and I’ve seen big paper ones remade into smaller paper ones – cutting off the tatty edges and refolding it again.

Any other suggestions?

(Photo by lusi)

Recycling and reusing at Christmas

Hark the herald angels sing;

“we should all recycle that thing;

Please the earth”, the angels cried;

“it’s easy with the Recycle This guide!”

(Photo by LuisFico of a very cool tree made from light)