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How can I reuse or recycle old duvets?

We’ve covered sheets & valances and feathers & down – but not intact duvets themselves.

I was thinking about duvets last week – not just because I spent much of Thursday wrapped up in one and the rest of the week wishing I was wrapped up in one, but also because I saw this insulating blind tutorial. Admittedly, it’s for a quilted throw more than a duvet but a summer weight duvet would work in a similar way.

Duvets in good, clean condition can be given to charity shops/thrift shops or shelters/refuges to be reused as duvets.

Ones in less good condition can be turned into other bedding such as mattress protectors/under-blankets or pillow protectors.

Any ideas on how to recycling?

How can I reuse or recycle old bedding?

bedsheetsWe’ve had an email from Yvonne:

What can we do with a box of old double bed sheets, duvet covers and valances which we don’t use any more because we’ve got a king size bed?

The first thing I’d suggest would be to pass them on – if they’re still in ok condition, give them to a charity/thrift shop or local shelter, or offer them on Freecycle. Bedding, particularly duvet covers, seems to be pretty popular in the charity shops that I go to seem to.

Aside from that, there are a whole lot of reuses for bedding because at the end of the day, it’s just flat lengths of fabric – and usually 100% cotton (or at least cotton-heavy) fabric at that. Rag ruggers often use bed sheets/covers because they’re cheap & available, and the old solution was, after turning the outside edges in, to use them for handkerchiefs.

Any other suggestions?

How can I reuse or recycle feathers and down?

down_feather1We’ve had an email from Arlyn:

I have two feather and down duvets which are a smaller size than the normal single, which I have had for years but not used much. I have moved house and even brought them with me but have to get rid of them. Surely there is some use for the feathers and down. It feels still in good condition inside.

Using it as stuffing for other things – craft projects or adding more bulk to cushions or pillows – is the first idea that springs to mind. Anyone go any other suggestions?

Also, anyone got any thoughts on how they would compost? They’re organic in origin, obviously, so would probably break down quite easily – but I suspect they are treated with nasty, undesirable chemicals before being used as stuffing – anyone know for sure?

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