How can I reuse, recycle or upcycle biscuit/cookie cutters?

(I still need more inspiration for green new year’s resolutions or green goals for 2012. I think I’m probably going to end up doing 12 small things – one a month – rather than one big thing over the year — and I need ideas! But for now, back to regular scheduled “how can I recycle this?”ing :) )

Bettina has asked:

How can I reuse cookie cutters? Other than as soap molds.

First things first, it has to be said: do consider passing them on if they’re still in usable condition so other people don’t have to buy new. Charity/thrift/op shops will probably take them to sell on, as would many schools/community groups for use during bulk cooking sessions for special events.

Now some onto reusing/upcycling ideas: just yesterday I saw someone using little cookie cutters that they’d got in Christmas crackers (& the like) for cutting out salt dough buttons and cute pedants/jewellery – I guess that’s not really that different to the original biscuit cutting idea but is a crafty rather than culinary angle.

Decent size metal cookie cutters can be used to shape fried eggs – stop them from stretching out right across the pan. We’ve got a round one that’s standard English muffin size so we can have round, deep fried egg muffins for breakfast – yum! (Warning: they do get hot while frying! They cool down quite quickly once off the heat but take care if you try this!).

Moving away from the kitchen, some people hang or mount them for decorative purposes – obviously ones more interesting than just round or just square work best for that (for example, snowman or star shaped ones for Christmas decorations, or hearts for Valentine’s or even all year around ones in romantic households ;) ) – but those simple round/square shapes could be used as little box frames for tiny pieces of artwork/special items. If you want to upcycle them to match your decor or if they’re discoloured, you could paint them with paint suitable for metals (enamel paint?)

Or you/kids could use them as stamps for painting.

Any other ideas for ways to reuse them?

(Photo by schleicher)

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse, recycle or upcycle biscuit/cookie cutters?”

  1. Caroline says:

    I scour charity shops looking for these!

    I use them (possibly modified) as stencils in encaustics…

  2. Melinda says:

    The art teacher in our school uses these with students to make clay ornaments.
    Beyond that, they would look good on a wreath, on a Christmas tree, or painted and wired onto a stick as part of a bouquet.

  3. Susan says:

    This passed Christmas I used cookie cutters as ornaments by tracing around photos, and felt or decorative paper. Put a piece of ribbon at top of cutter then glue paper or felt to back of cutter. Fit photo inside cutter, has to fit snug so it won’t fall out. Now, you have a different way of using the many different shapes of cookie cutters.

  4. Shyuan says:

    you can also use them as rice moulds or veggie cutters! Good for kids!

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