How can I reuse or recycle an ironing board cover/pad?

Kathleen has emailed to ask about an ironing board cover/pad:

There just has to be something I can do with this……it’s way too big to toss!

Ironing..? board..? what is this thing of which you speak? You mean some people don’t have perpetually creased clothes? Amazing! :D

We do have an ironing board but it gets used more for stuff like fusing plastic than it does for actual clothes — if I had a spare or old ironing board cover, I’d keep one for potentially leaky crafts like melting plastic and one for clothes.

As for repurposing it, if it’s a fabric one with a quilted/heavily padded section, could it be made into an oven mitt? I’d imagine they’d have similar heat absorbing qualities. At one time my mum had a thinner silvery one – could that be used for lining/insulating a lunch cool bag? Would that work?

Any other ideas or suggestions?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle an ironing board cover/pad?”

  1. Josie says:

    what about a tea cosy?

  2. I reused a ironing board cover that I bought at a jumble sale in Canada which had a screen printed ruler on it and made it into a bag for a friends planer, we set fire to the orginal bag as the wood can become quite hot. The friend was delighted with the new bag as he could also use it for measuring when on the job. The nature of the fabric meant it was not so keen to go on fire!

  3. Andrea says:

    How about hot pads for your kitchen table? You could cover them in pretty fabric and they’d be great for protecting wood from hot casseroles.

  4. Uluska says:

    Make table runner, bag, bathroom rag.

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