How can I reuse or recycle … an umbrella cover?

UmbrellaAnnie sent in a suggestion at the weekend:

I have an umbrella cover – it’s a pretty black and pink tough fabric, originally from Accessorise. Unfortunately i left the umbrella that went with it on a train… any ideas what i could do with the case?

I usually have the opposite problem – losing the cover – so I’d probably just stash the spare cover in a drawer until I lost the one from my new umbrella but aside from that, any other ideas? Ones that would take advantage of the cover’s prettiness and water resistant would be best but obviously any suggestions are welcome.

(I couldn’t find a photo of one hence the generic umbrella shot but for those that don’t know, the covers are sheaths of fabric that fit over the closed up umbrella to protect the fabric of the umbrella and if the brolly is wet, to stop water getting all over the contents of your bag etc. They’re usually made from the same fabric as the umbrella and sometimes have a tie/toggle at the open end to tighten it around the base.)

(Photo by vale)

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17 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle … an umbrella cover?”

  1. kare says:

    It would be great for storing paint brushes, especially if they’re still a little damp when you put them away. Or use it for a bottle of something you’re afraid might leak when traveling?

  2. Annie says:

    I actually sent this in but have been inspired by today’s craft guide in the Guardian and now have several ideas for my umbrella cover! Unpicking the long stiched side, sewing up the open end and attaching poppers or similar would make a pencil case/ make up holder etc.
    Or even easier would be to make a purse/ glasses case holder along the lines of this one:,,2001231,00.html

  3. GirlGenius says:

    Roll up a cloth shopping bag, put it inside the cover, and keep it in your handbag so that you have no excuse to refuse plastic carrier bags ever again :)

  4. Randi says:

    The colored fabric could make for an interesting doll dress for your daughter/niece/etc or part of a blanket

  5. J. S. says:

    You can make a parachute with an action figure at the end of the string as a toy for you son/grandson

  6. ?Anonymous? says:

    Use it for arts and crafts. Make a card, use it as wrapping paper. It looks colorful so it will be perfect for any decorative design.

  7. loopyinsanfran says:

    cut the fabric off and wrap it around your head, cut eye holes in it and use it as a mask when robbing a bank.

  8. The west easton strangler says:

    Use it with some rope to strangle someone.

  9. mormonsim says:

    use it to make a rodent tunnel.Maybe a support for tree seedlings?

  10. Bridget says:

    Find an empty plastic bottle, cut the top off the bottle, slide the bottle into the umbrella case, fill bottle with water, position flowers in bottle.

    Tres pretty.

  11. Bad Monkey says:

    Why not use it as a mobile phone holder/cover, or if you have a removable front from your car stereo its an ideal size to store that.

  12. Uluska says:

    Make a kite or two.

  13. Uluska says:

    Make a rain poncho for a little kid.

  14. cecilia says:

    My mum just made a rain poncho for me (a 31 year old ;)

  15. Vera3 says:

    Attach it to the ceiling around light fixture or fan for a new look.

  16. Rifa says:

    Use two triangles to flare up pants or jeans.

  17. Fashenista1 says:

    Sew super modern carwash skirt.

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