Fantastic reducing, reusing & recycling ideas from December

Thanks to everyone who commented on our posts this month – and indeed through 2010 as a whole!

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3 Responses to “Fantastic reducing, reusing & recycling ideas from December”

  1. Linda says:

    I will see 2011 first here in NZ. I have reused my 2010 calendar for children’s room decoration and number games. Hooray me!
    All the best to everyone for 2011. Many you all have much less ‘stuff’ and much more happiness!

  2. mali marsh says:

    I did see somewhere where it was suggested using this years Christmas cards as present tags next year. The idea being that you cut out a section that hadn’t been written on and hope that on the other side you capture some sort of picture. Could work I suppose.

    Saying that – I only got two Christmas cards this year. . .

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