How can I reduce my use of clingfilm/saran wrap in the kitchen?

(Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days – one of our beloved cats died very, very suddenly on Monday night and it threw me somewhat. :( )

Last week, during our lunch themed week, I asked about alternatives to plastic bags & film wraps for packed lunches and it made me think about reusable alternatives to disposable cling film/foil in the kitchen general.

We’ve not really used film for years – a combination of deliberately wanting to avoid using it and being burned buying a couple of rolls of really not clingy clingfilm. I occasionally, when I’m in a rush, use a bit of tin foil as a temporary lid but mostly I use proper lids – we’ve got a selection of random lids which largely fit our standard eating bowls, and we’ve got some plastic can covers.

The downside with the plastic can covers is they only work for cans that are precisely standard size. That’s why I like these homemade reusable bowl covers. They’re elasticated so can be used on a range of sizes of cans, bowls and assorted tubs. A great, simple idea!

What have you done to reduce the use of disposable covers/wraps like cling film/saran wrap in your kitchen?

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10 Responses to “How can I reduce my use of clingfilm/saran wrap in the kitchen?”

  1. Alice says:

    Hey, sorry about cat, hope you’re ok.

    Those bowl covers are genius, I’m going to make some microwavable ones…

    I pretty much re-use the tin foil that comes with chappattis in my takeaways – if you’re careful with it a bit of foil can be used loads of times before it falls apart.

    Cling film is difficult to re-use ‘cos it sticks to itself before you can get it back on a roll, so maybe just using foil instead of clingfilm would mean consuming less overall.

  2. Cipollina says:

    So sorry about the loss of your cat! :(

    I have never bought or used clingfilm in my life because I can’t imagine what on earth it’s good for – most of my tins and jars and boxes come with their own lids (I also reuse boxes some foods come in, like tzaziki and paté to put leftovers or cat food or whatever in), and if there is no lid – like with soup bowls – I use a plate or saucer.

    Not very helpful, am I…

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your dear cat’s untimely demise. You will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. :'(

    I save and serve food in reheatable / refrigerable lidded containers so I have eliminated the need for clingfilm and kitchen foil.

    Sometimes I save plastic cake trays and suchlike to use as lids and covers. Even plastic mousepads and placemats that come as magazine/free-with-purchase swag can be used to cover bowls and trays with.

    Nobody likes clingfilm because they never stick to any surface that is even a little damp and once you lift the film, you can’t stick it back on.

    A good tip to remember is that storing food and liquids in lidded and covered containers is also better for energy efficiency and your refrigerator’s lifespan. When you store exposed food and liquids, and things wrapped in clingfilm which may still allow moisture to escape, your fridge’s condensor coils have to work harder — thus resulting in higher energy use.

  4. Peggy says:

    Sorry about your cat! :(

    I’m wondering if the reusable covers in that link are very washable?

    Mostly I use the ones from Pyrex. They’re BPA free. Yet, they can eventually break and they are suited to just one size.

  5. T. Miles says:

    Try buying Gastronorm-sized containers. They are used in the professional catering industry and come in about 5 main sizes but are designed to be compatible with each other. Metal and plastic ranges available.

    Look at and search ‘modulus container’

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, I have been washing and reusing cling film for years with no detriment. It must be years because now I would never buy it now but somehow I accumulated some and now with the wash and reuse it I have never got finished what I have.

  6. Frances says:

    I just use a conveniently sized saucer or bread and butter plate over a normal eating bowl, and put this in the refrigerator. If I have to cover a large bowl I use an upside down dinner plate or use a casserole dish with a lid. Cling wrap is stupid and wasteful but I would never waste time trying to wash it after use and reuse. Occasionally I’ll use it for taking food to communal meals but mostly I just choose a covered dish. My cling wrap roll lasts forever.

  7. Adam says:

    I recently bought a set of food containers that have some sort of HACCP protection from and because these came in various sizes I find that I no longer make use of cling film. Not only does it save me money but im sure it must be more hygienic too.

  8. Sean says:

    I agree with the ideas suggested, get some food containers like the ones i found at They do gastronorm containers like you would find in the catering industry as well and have lots of different variants, plastic, metal etc for domestic use. There not expensive and they’ve really helped me to save on the cling film waste! Your always wrapping a standard square / rectangular size so your not having to waste excess foil by covering circular plates or odd containers etc.

  9. good article. thanks for sharing.

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