How can I reuse or recycle hot water bottle stoppers?

hot-water-bottle-stopperWe’ve had another email from Lesley:

When I replace worn out hot water bottles, before throwing them out, I always remove and save the stoppers as spares. (I don’t know why really – it’s just something my mother always used to do!). Now I’ve discovered that some of the stoppers are no good as bottles now have wider tops requiring wider stoppers. Has anyone got any ideas for using the old ones?

They look like one of those things that, one day, will be the answer to one’s DIY prayers – something I’d run about holding aloft and ever grateful for the day I thought to put the orphaned stopper in our random stuff drawer. I don’t know what need it would be filling (stoppering up a water butt’s tap or a narrow necked container?) but wow, it would fit it perfectly.

Any suggestions for what they could be used for?

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33 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle hot water bottle stoppers?”

  1. lauren says:


  2. Maja says:

    put them on water surface of garden pond,in winter they wont let the water freeze

  3. Karmae says:

    This is a longshot….Many years ago I was constantly seeking a certain kind of plastic wine stopper because it was the perfect size replacement for the one on the chainsaw that went missing every now and then after it got filled. Could this have such a use?

  4. Judy McMickens says:

    I would love to find a stopper for a British Warm hot water bottle that I really liked. The neck of the bottle has a metal insert into which the stopper fit. The stopper also had metal threads. It was the best hot water bottle I have ever had and the stopper has been lost. The bottle has been in my closet for a long time, while I hoped that the stopper would turn up. The regular plastic ones will not work because of the metal.

    I know I should just take a deep breath and toss the bottle in the trash, but I saw your question and thought I would write and ask if, by chance, you had a stopper of this type? I would be happy to purchase.

    My email is


  5. ekan says:

    I accidently threw out my hot water bottle stopper with some flower trimmings on the kitchen counter. I can’t find a replacement. Want to make a deal?

    • JoAnn says:

      I need one too!!! did he send you one?

    • susan says:

      Only a 1 1/2 years later BUT….
      AnyOne out there still need it.. My BOTTLE just exploded
      last night in my bed. VERY BAD, BUT the stopper is worn
      but still good

      • Audrie Brown says:

        Hi! I would love to provide a home for your hot water bottle stopper!
        I have a bottle and no stopper for quite a while now.
        I will happily pay for postage, or whatever you need.
        My address is
        Audrie Brown
        609 Howley Court
        Ann Arbor, MI 48105
        Thank you so much!
        Audrie Brown

  6. Marc L. Cooper says:

    The stopper for our hot water bottle went missing after our cleaning lady visited. We thus need a replacement and would gladly purchase any extras out there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Use to apply glue.

    Sharpen the flat part and scrape paint with it.

    Cover bottom with clay forming figurine. Hang it where you want it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Drill small halls in the bottom, insert a none rusting nail without head and use as corn holders.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Get short piece of pipe, insert stoppers on the sides, cut off excess off the handles. That makes neat little toy dough or clay roller.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Place two tiny people or animal figures made of clay on both sides in front of flat part, as if they are sitting on a double chair. Glue them down and display proudly your creation.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Glue it to the wall and use as a hook.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Throw them in a washing machine with laundry, they will make clothes cleaner.

  13. Emma Leach says:

    I’ve also lost a hot water bottle top! Could you send me one – I’ll reimburse postage. Many thanks –

  14. vie says:

    I have two old hot water bottle stoppers from gordon rubber comany hot water bottles. one is missing the washer but the other is still in place. I just liked the tops. found them in an estate sale and could not throw them away.

  15. audrie says:

    Lesley~ hi!
    I tried to order a replacement stopper for my British Warm hot water bottle from Vermont Country Store because I lost mine. They sent me a new wider one. My water bottle has the narrower metal insert that you described.
    I would be grateful to get a stopper that fits my water bottle, so if you have one to share I will gladly take it off you hands and pay for the shipping at least.

    Audrie Brown

  16. edward says:

    hi lesley

    i see all this was going on last year and i’m probably too late, but i’m another poor soul looking for a stopper because the rubber washer on my stopper has disintegrated. If you still have any left I, like other hopefuls, would very much appreciate one. This would be far kinder to the environment than throwing out a perfectly serviceable bottle. I’d gladly reimburse you postage and packing costs!

    hopefully yours, edward

  17. susan says:

    SOMEONE is in LUCK… I have a BRITISH WARM STOPPER. My BRITISH WARM hot water bottle recently “blew out” in my bed..YES with the boiling hot water. Hmmm a 2 inch tear. I just recently started using it to save on heating bills. is NO MORE. The STOPPER is VERY USED but WORKS GREAT ..NO LEAKS..I was very surprised but I had been thinking of this happening since using it every night straight for the past 2 weeks. Perhaps with Boiling water every night may have compromised it.. Still it was not pleasant what it did to me, my dog, two blankets, magnetic mattress pad, Puff Mattress Pad AND MATTRESS which I had to blow dry the next day everything for over an hour. Bad News. ANYONE WANT IT..Be careful, maybe it should also be put in another sealed bag B4 use. e-mail me:

    • Sorry, I know it is too late for you but always leave a little bit of the cold water from the night before, before you add the hot water. It will taking off the scalding water and won’t be so harsh on the rubber.

  18. Karen Zetler says:

    Hi, I too am the owner of 2 hot water bottles both without stoppers – very frustrating – I have tried every dollar store – no one has them. If you still have your stoppers and want to sell 2 of them, I would gladly pay for them and for the postage. Please contact me if you would like to sell a couple. The size is approx 2cm.


  19. Noreen Carvel says:

    Hi Lesley,

    Wonderful to have found this site. Couldn’t believe it. My hot water bottle is perfectly good but washer has gone on the stopper. Mine looks very like the one on your picture. I have discovered there are quite a few different fits.
    Amazing others follow our Mother’s little habits and mine has loads of old stoppers in her kitchen drawer too. She is almost 95years and I guess some of them are probably antique.

    Please contact me if you would like to sell me one.


  20. Baziwe says:

    I feel like crying I live in a growing flat very cold, I bought a hot water bottle last Friday but I don’t know where I misplaced the stopper I have looked every where but in vain, anyone with one to spare. Will pay for postage. Thanks

  21. susie says:

    Hi Leslie, Just wanted to ask if you have any more water bottle stoppers to sell, I lost mine moving. Please email me if you have any.

  22. Diane says:

    I also have a British hotwater bottle with no stopper. If anyone has one they dont want please email me I would be happy to pay postage. Thanks.

  23. tawny says:

    sell it to me! I need a cap, I somehow lost mine for my hot water bottle, seriously I will buy it from you!

  24. pat says:

    is there anybody who has a stopper left for the british warm hot water bottle? i just lost the stopper and it’s a shame as the hot water bottle is the best in the world!

  25. Wendy says:

    As if I have time for this…but I’m pressing charges.

    I have FOUR hot water bottles, (one British Warm, three Air Flow,) without caps. I thought they were misplaced during moving but now hold each of you as suspect for stealing them!!!!!!!!!! I WILL get to the bottom of this and uncover the truth:)
    In the mean time, I have a rubber cap to a certain brand of cod-liver oil that I purchased once a couple of years ago that actually works for the Air Flow model. It works without leakage, (though I check for exact fit before taking it to bed with me,) and it takes a fine, strong pinch, or needle nose pliers to remove. I haven’t tried it with the British Warm.
    Does anyone know which cap is for the Air Flow model?

    All help is appreciated. thank you

    it’s 6 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington State. I’m thankful for New Zealand and Scottish Wool. :):)

  26. Wendy says:

    wendy in Washington State

  27. Assunta Thompson says:

    Ooops, yes please email me when comments come in, thx!

  28. Basil Cooper says:

    I,too, am one of the stopper losers,and would be eternally grateful, if some kind owner of a disused stopper would be prepared to supply me with same.I would,of course , be prepared to pay postage and packing costs.My lost stopper fitted an opening ofapprox 1 Inch,large but so am I!!,The shape is the same as the illustration that opened this discussion

  29. frances says:

    Replacement hot water bottle stopper, yes please!

    I am looking for 2 as I have mislaid the originals, so annoying. Any kind souls out there, I will pay p&p.
    Please advise, I would be very grateful
    Please email if you can help providing me with your email address.
    Kindest regards

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