New site launched: Things To Do Today

Things to do today logoIt’s been a while since we launched a new website and it’s happening a bit later than planned (because I’ve been doing last minute tweaks but mostly have been asleep ;) ) but here it is…. Things To Do Today!

Every day, Monday to Friday, we’ll give you four Things To Do Today – perhaps a recipe for some yummy biscuits, a beautiful video to watch, an interesting article to read or just a helpful reminder about something you could, or should, do.

The emphasis is on doing and making positive things instead of just consuming stuff and wasting time.

Obviously you don’t have to do all that stuff but if, like me, you sometimes need a bit of inspiration about what to have for tea or what your next fun craft project is, the site will hopefully provide you with a wealth of ideas.

Suggestions are, of course, welcome – contact details are on the site.

Hope you like it,

-louisa & john :)

P.S. Happy New Year and all that jazz too ;)

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6 Responses to “New site launched: Things To Do Today”

  1. me says:

    Seems to be lacking an RSS feed?!

  2. louisa says:

    Yes, we know that’s a glaring omission and it is very coming soon.

    We usually fanny around so much, adding feature after feature to sites, that they never come out of development so we thought we’d get this one up and running and add to it as we go.

    But trust me, RSS feeds will be happening as soon as possible :)

    -louisa :)

  3. louisa says:

    cor, that was faster than I thought – John’s implemented an RSS feed this afternoon :)

  4. You spurred me on to update my blog

    Happy New Year, Louisa

    Wished you hadn’t done another site cos now I will have even more to look at. Can me time been expanded in 2009 – that is my New Year’s resolution. Actually, I will get this wish in September, only 9 months away – when my youngest hits school. I made this announcement last night to friends and they all expected a different announcement when I said 9 months!!!!!

  5. annie says:

    Found the link via Clare of 3 Beautiful things. DEFINITELY looking forward to Things To Do Today. I really appreciate how much work something like that is, and so I definitely appreciate you tackling the project! The coming months will require lots of cooking and filling-of-time, so I’ll be playing along at home. :)

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