How can I reuse or recycle lampshades?

lampshadeWe’ve had an email from Bonnie:

I hate throwing things away but just found I have SIX redundant lampshades/ceiling light shades in my attic! I need to do something with them but what? Most of them are plastic and fabric but there is a glass dome one too.

Presumably they’ve been dumped in the attic because they’ve been replaced/don’t fit with the decor any more – but how about trying to recover or modify them so you can use them next time you fancy a change? There were lots of lightshade-modification suggests when we featured photo negatives on the site last year – any other suggestions on how they could be revamped?

What about other reuses?

Depending on the shape/opacity of the glass one, it could be used as a mini-greenhouse or made into a quirky ornament with random things (whatever takes your fancy) inside. Other suggestions?

(Stock photo by L_Avi)

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5 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle lampshades?”

  1. AmyS says:

    Put some mesh over the smaller opening and use over plates and bowls of food next time you eat outdoors – it will keep the flies off. Get rid of the finial (if any) and attach something more solid on the small end; flip over and use as a pencil cup or wastepaper basket, depending on the size. Stretch leather over both ends and see how it plays as a drum. Glue a few together in a stack (if the sizes match up well enough) and string fairy lights inside for an artistic “mood” light fixture – place on the floor or hang from a hook in the ceiling.

  2. Thornton Kay says:

    Either sell them (free ads) on our web site, or offer them to Guy Trench 07710 021010 who makes new lamps from reused objects like fishing rods but never has old lampshades to fit on the top.

  3. Olia says:

    Turn the lampshade up side down, attach a bottom made out of sturdy material and you have a cute trash can for an office.

  4. Olia says:

    Turn it into chandelier.

  5. Olia says:

    Some of the ceiling light shades can be reused as fruit bawls.

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