Bags made from old advertising banners

Banner bags Liverpool 08 bagIn a similar vein to Ecoist’s bags from old movie posters, BannerBags makes, well, bags out of old banners. Specifically, PVC banners (the sort that hang on lampposts etc) and the tarpaulins used on the sides of trucks.

At the moment, they’re concentrating on making bags out of banners used to advertise the Capital of Culture stuff in Liverpool – some of them quite obviously tied in (like the one above) but others are more subtle (like those below).

They’ve got a number of different designs available – flight bags (above), laptop/messengers (the Anglican Cathedral one below) and bowlers (like the hand one) – but are apparently open to suggestions if you fancy something else.

On a related topic, we’re off to Liverpool tomorrow for the launch event of the Recycle Into Art week of workshops – should be fun :)

Banner bags - laptop and bowler bag







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5 Responses to “Bags made from old advertising banners”

  1. Nicole says:

    Love these! Great way to recycle and also make something that looks awesome.

  2. boofsmom says:

    I make bags, too, and would love to get my hands on banners like these. But I live in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone know if they tend to be dropped off at recycling points?

    • Hello, my name is Ezekiel Chapman, I work at a print-shop and we always have old banner lying around that we always throw out. I was hoping we could work something out where I could send you pictures of them via email and you could select which ones you would want and we could mail them to you if you could pick up the postage cost. My email is

  3. Aimee says:

    These are very cool! I’ve seen similar products in a few places recently, including here – – The Container Store uses their own billboards to make them.

  4. Gus says:

    nice bags, there are some guys in australia call haul that have been recycling billboards into messenger bags as well. they also make photo albums from old number plates.

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