How can I reuse or recycle vinyl banners?

After last week’s post about BannerBags, I’ve been seeing that type of vinyl banners everywhere, particularly adorning the roadside along the main road towards the motorway.

I remember thinking about those banners a few years ago at a geek conference thing but dismissing it as a suggestion for here because I didn’t think they were common enough (although since when has that really stopped me) and because, in the case of that conference, I could imagine people wanting to take them home as keepsakes.

But, as I said, now they’re everywhere and not about keepsake worthy things. The ones that annoy me most are event specific things which sit on the side of roundabouts,forgotten about, until the rope holding them up rots or the wind blows them away. Sigh.

Anyway, we’ve got bags already on the list – what else could be done with them?

(By the way, I’m currently on my way to Alison Bailey Smith‘s workshop as part of the “Recycle Into Art” week in Liverpool – we’re making bags. I’ll show off my creation tomorrow :) )

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31 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle vinyl banners?”

  1. Nicole says:

    Could be donated to a school to use as a tarp for arts and crafts.

  2. Bellen says:

    Could be used as any kind of tarp – to cover everything from floor to roof.

    Sewn, double thick, make into bags for laundry, trash, etc.

    Sew into a large square or circle, fill with layers of newspaper, for a weatherproof outdoor cushion/ground seat.

    Cut into strips, no more than 2 inches wide, weave into placemats, back with sold piece. Stylish for outdoor use.

    Take 2, put printed sides together, paint on new messge.

  3. Pat says:

    I went to an outdoor butcher’s souk in Morocco a few weeks ago, they used old banners as table covers, not fancy but they can be wiped off.

  4. Mike Turner says:

    We recycle PVC banner by shredding it and then granulating it so that it can be extruded into horticultural products such as tree protectors, tree belt fasteners and many other products – all in the UK.
    Sadly, there is a minimum quantity of two tonnes – but if Councils got together to collect it and delivered to our factory in Tenbury Wells we will recycle it for only a little more money than it costs to landfill it.

    • andrea sg says:

      I’m interested in reprocessing these banners. Do the banners you use have a nylon mesh in them or are they only PVC? Also, have you explored the possibility of using compression molding with several banners to make a sheet?
      Thank you

    • Hamid says:

      Dear Mike
      I am going to recover flex banner polymers. Can you help me? what should I do for recover them?

    • we know that there is at least 100 tons per month available of PVC banner waste so please get in touch

    • nora says:

      Hello Mike, it would be very helpfull to fiind a company like yours near by us – i.e. in west yorkshire, any ideas? or at least what to look for?
      we are after large vinyl banners to use instead of tarps. many thank fo any advice

      • nigel petty says:

        Good Morning Nora,

        I could have thousands of square metres of reinforced banner materials. The only alternative I know of for recycling is in Italy.


    • Joseph says:

      Mike, I know this is an old thread but if you still receive alerts, I am very interested to receive more info on this process – thanks!

    • Babak Qadiani (Mr.) says:

      Dear Sirs,
      We are looking to By Banner shredding Machine to make the used Banners to Granule.

      Please lead us how to find.

      Yours Sincerely
      Babak Qadiani (Mr.)
      Mobile : 0098 912 2759520 (whatsApp as well)

    • We currently have approx 300 banners which we need to dispose of can you advise

      Michelle 07806894482

      Many thanks

  5. G A Recycling have been asked this question quite a few times….we have now found an outlet for pvc banners. We collect banners from all over the UK in baled format. It is then sorted and possibly rebaled, and recycled in India. They are using it for umberella’s and roofing.

    If you would like to contact us please email or see our web site for contact numbers.

    • nora says:

      Hello G.A. Recycling, would there be a collection poin that you would know of in W. Yorkshire or near by? WE are after banners to be used as tarps, any advice would be much apoprectiated.cheers

    • Sam says:

      Hi there,
      i would like to know if you still recycle Vinyl Banners to Umbrellas. I am a student of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and i am working on a project on How to save the world of wastes like Used- Vinyl Banners. Please, if you would be kind, contact me as soon as possible. This is urgent. My sustainability plan is depending on it. I strongly believe this can work out.
      Sam Ovwighotu

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello, did you get something on that project? i am working at something related, we could share some information.

  6. Stacey Palmer says:

    If you are nifty with a sewing machine and want to make some extra money, you can sew them into tote bags, bean bags and aprons and sell them at the markets. I work for a promo company so I offer this service to my clients.

  7. bss says:

    hi does anyone know where i can get used vinyl banners that have been discarded for free? i need it for a project i am doing and finding it hard to find any for free! thanks!

    • Gill Childs says:


      How much vinyl banner do you need? Please reply to my email address.


      • Roger says:

        Hello Gill

        Have just read your posting (August) regarding vinyl banners.
        If you had a source of used banners they would be extremely useful for temporary waterproof roofing. If so would be great to here from you.

  8. Bannerbuzz says:

    Vinyl banners are just too sweet to pass by. Imagine getting your banner this year, and because it’s on high quality vinyl with heavy-duty grommets for hanging, you’ll still be using it years from now. You’d be crazy to get your banner printed on anything but vinyl!

  9. I have used a banner I had printed with my designs on to make bunting with an old vinyl apron and plastic from bouncy castles!

  10. lola says:

    hello does anyone know where i can get used large vinyl banners that have been discarded for free? i need it for a project i am doing in africa and it is hard to find any for free! thanks!

    please contact me at

  11. Paul B. says:

    Depending on the size or the shape of the banner, it can be used as a tarp, or as a play mat for children who are learning arts and crafts. Once the banner has become overly worn, it can then be recycled at most recycling locations. ;)

  12. Karen says:

    Why anyone gets thin printed vinyl banners nowadays in the UK surprises me. We use heavy duty vinyl (less likely to shred/damage) and either print a background and add lettering with vinyl lettering, or just use vinyl lettering. This way they can be re-designed for future events. We have some that have been going for 8 years, with four new designs each year. Sure, we have to occasionally repair or replace fixings, but at least the big lump of pvc vinyl is kept out of landfill. Hopefully more and more companies/charities/events will think of doing this as it works out cheaper in the long run and so good for the environment.

  13. nify says:

    please am from Nigeria, Africa. i have access to huge tons of used vinyl banner. i need where i could trade them out.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Nify, I hope you still have access to huge tons of used vinyl banners. We can recycle them into Products. We won an Award for our creativity. We can commercialize this, if we work and partner together. Am looking forward to getting a feedback from you.
      Sam Ovwighotu
      Enactus U-Banner Project Head
      University of Ibadan

    • Hi, I am looking to find a new supplier to buy and fill 40ft HC Containers with large old banners, I have a customer in Greece that is looking to fill up to 5 x 40hc containers per month, he is using them to cover machines, houses, boats etc.
      If this is something you can help me with or if anyone else can then please get in touch ASAP.
      Regards, Phil 07956 212141

  14. Sean Martin says:

    I am 15 years old and a Grade 10 IB student living in Surrey. As part of our Gr. 10 syllabus all Students doing the IB have to present a personal project. My personal project is about Recycling of plastic through innovative ideas and concepts. My project is made from 100% of recycled plastic. I was hoping you could help me aquire used, printed vinyl banners. I would only require a few banners as it’s a small personal project. I am happy to explain more in detail about my school and IB personal project and what it entails. Please contact me if you are able to help with any advice.

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