Recycling records into fun household items

Jeff Davis’ record bowlI’ve been thinking a lot about old vinyl records recently because of Renee’s great idea of using them as a canvas for art and because of Kimberly’s suggestion to poke holes in one to hold earrings – I think I’m going to combine the two ideas to make a cool jewellery display unit.

Anyway, thinking about these things reminded me of Jeff Davis’ fab creations from old vinyl. Under the Vinylux brand, he makes a range of cool household items – bowls, snack trays, picture frames – and other things like cuffs (below left) and notebooks.

I especially like the picture frame (below right) – because the record is re-used in two ways: the outside of the record becomes the frame and the inside bit is used as a coaster.

Jeff Davis’ record cuff and photo frame

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3 Responses to “Recycling records into fun household items”

  1. Bobbie says:

    I love these recycled records. I noticed these are sold in Liberty City, Texas which is just a stone’s throw from me. I must check them out!

    But now I’m thinking. I don’t know about the technical aspects but why couldn’t old CD’s be used for coasters or small bowls?

  2. PainChaud says:

    I think you can make the bowls in the microwave at home…one could also make somekind of wind chime…personally I still use mine for music lol

  3. Ian Chambers says:

    Before you melt that vinyl, if its still playable, it could still have a usable life, and some Hospital Radio stations will welcome the opportunity to reuse them – for London Chest Hospital Radio, a charity who will collect from some parts of London

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