How can I reuse or recycle bottle cap liners?

bottle cap linersRenee, from Friday’s glue/tape cartridge question, also asked about bottle cap liners.

Again, I wasn’t sure what she meant but thankfully she included a picture —>

I don’t see them used that much over here (or at least not in the things I buy) but I think they’re basically a washer to help the seal between the cap and the top of the bottle (??).

I think I’ve seen some waxed card ones (which usually get soggy so are good for little else after their intended task) but these ones that Renee are asking about look to be circles of plastic.

In searching for more information about them, I found this very cool bowl made out of 100 of them and I guess they could be used for oversizedtiddlywinks too. But what else can be done with them?

(If you’re interested in other bottle cap related stuff – we’ve covered plastic screw-tops and metal caps elsewhere on the site.)

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7 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle bottle cap liners?”

  1. Delusion says:

    Keep them for “chips” if you play cards :)

  2. mercutiom says:

    Grab some paint pens, safety pins, and glue. Make them into fun little buttons.

  3. Karlie says:

    I would use them to make a Mod Screen. arrange them in a grid and sew them together Top to bottom, and left to right. Though you could probably staple them if you thought about your construction before you started.

  4. jess says:

    Slightly overlap them and make a circle shape– Then get some wax paper and iron them together to make a coaster!! You could also try this with hot glue. Good Luck!!!!!

  5. Linda Smith says:

    The container insert that I would like to recycle into something worthwhile or fun comes out of a milk carton (Walmart’s GV Latoise Free). It is white round and slightly concaved curved and has a circle of plastic attached below it. I picture a halo as a discription, with the circle wrapped around the head of a small angel (wooden ball) and the curved circle above that. It would look almost suspended except where it is attached behind the head (of ball). If you have any suggestions (other than this), I would welcome them, email me at

  6. Olia says:

    Write on them money denominations and teach kids about money.

  7. Olia says:

    Endless possibilities for crafters and scar-bookers.

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