How can I reuse or recycle cosmetic compacts?

Eyeshadow compact caseWe featured make-up itself a while ago and have also looked at mascara wands and nail varnish, but Annie G has come up with a clever idea for old pressed powder compacts:

As I was coming to the end of my blusher I wondered what I could do with the plastic container afterwards and had a great idea. I travel by train regularly and found the empty blusher container makes a compact and secure travel case for flattish earrings.

That is a great idea – I always need a little baggie or something to keep my earrings in when we’re going away, but that’s a better idea because it’s solid and I’d be less likely to squash them by mistake.

Any other clever ideas for them though?

(Photo by esrasu”)

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11 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle cosmetic compacts?”

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve seen recipes online for making your own cosmetics, like lip balm out of coconut oil. They would work well as watercolour palettes, for any artists in the crowd. You could make a pretend compact for a little girl. And decorate with old nail polish! It might also be good for storing barbie accessories or other little bits.

    Make a memory game and store the cards inside the compact! You can make your own cards and cut them to fit the shape of the compact.

    I’m having the same problem right now but the compatct I have has 4 sections and two of them are filled with concealer colours I’ll never use.

  2. fishcake says:

    How about using them for pills or tablets when your going on holiday providing there clean.

    pretend/play make up for little ladys, perhaps you could paint the right areas to look like real.

    pretend make up for barbies.

    playing pranks on stupid friends “its invisible blush to bring out the natural colour in your cheeks”

    mini-photo holders for make up addicts as a joke gift perhaps.

    holding pins and needles for sewing a crafts if they are fully contained.
    all i can think of so far.

  3. Megan says:

    Another idea – use for holding paper clips or other small bits at the office.

  4. Bobbie says:

    I can see these old makeup compacts covered in old jewelery then filled with “mad” money.

  5. G30rg1na says:

    Hi there, you can squash lipstick onto the ‘palette’ and apply it with a lip brush. Neater than a tube with a mirror.
    Always do that with my eye shadow ones :o)

  6. Carly says:

    Buy a big tub of Vaseline and fill up an old compact well with it instead of buying those little lip balm tins. Way cheaper in the long run.

  7. matchbookhymnal says:

    You can make a good blusher out of cornstarch and beet juice. Just blend the beet juice in a little at a time. Store it in a compact and you’re good to go.

    If you live where it’s very humid a mixture of 3 parts cornstarch 1 part baking soda dabbed on with a powder puff makes a good “freshening powder” or talc. Some people use it as a deodorant. Doesn’t work for me but it’s good for a touch-up.

  8. Gulia says:

    Glue a piece of felt on the inside and keep there your needles.

    Store a set of fake nails.

    Keep there someone’s photo. You can even hang it on a chain as a locket, if it is small enough.

    Use as mini pallet for painting miniatures.

    Turn it into a game by placing inside 7 flat wooden squares colored in contrasting colors.

    Write with permanent marker most important phone numbers on the inside and carry with you just in case you loose your cell phone, or it gets stolen.

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