How can I reuse or recycle office desk supplies?

office_supplies.jpgWe’ve had an email from Angela, asking:

I currently work for a company of a little over 200 individuals. I have recently noticed how much money we spend and general waste we generate from our desk supplies alone. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of room to store items such as metal and plastic desk top sorters, wall files, book ends, and monitor boosters.

How can we recycle these items? I have looked up local recycling facilities but haven’t found anything that seems to match our need.

If they’re still in good condition, I think the focus should really be on reuse rather than recycle.

I suspect small local charities would be able to use them – but that might be too piecemeal to make it practical. It would be worth offering them on your local Freecycle group though, just in case.

Any other suggestions?

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One Response to “How can I reuse or recycle office desk supplies?”

  1. Danielle says:

    At National Wildlife Federation, we put extra supplies such as leftover pens, paper and binders in the supply closet mixed among the new things. No one minds using supplies that they didn’t order specifically and the system works pretty well.