How can I reuse or recycle moulded polystyrene?

foam_packaging.jpgWe’ve had a clever idea email from Victoria about making an oven/slow cooker out of polystyrene. We’ve covered moulded polystyrene in the past but I liked this idea so much that I thought I’d feature it again:

i have made an oven from recycled polystyrene when my next door neighbour got her new washing machine she had just the thing i needed to make my energy free oven. keep with me!

on, they explain how to make an oven and it works.

i had an old storage unit one that goes out side that you can store all your veg in. i moved and had lots of storage in my new kitchen so no longer needed it. i put the polystyrene in and insulated my storage box. i also added balls in pillow cases around.

i put my stew on the hob for 5 mins popped it in my “oven” and 10 hours later hot stew cooked!

i was so amazed i want to make another for my friend but can not get my hands on the polystyrene.

i know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea but for me, its a great way to recycle.

It is indeed. Anyone else done this as well? Or made other cool things out of polystyrene?

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4 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle moulded polystyrene?”

  1. attilathehen says:

    A friend of mine makes sugarcraft flowers and models for cakes. Some of the larger pieces, such as bodies, cars, chairs etc are made on top of polystyrene that she carves to suit. (The sugar is not edible, by the way). I just took her the packaging from our new hoover, and I also wash and save any discs from pizzas, although I can’t see why PIZZA needs polystyrene!
    I was going to make one of those jewellery hangers that look like a mannequin and use carved polystyrene for the base but my husband ought me one before I had a chance to try it. I like the oven idea, must investigate…

  2. Paul Kennett says:

    I’ve used mulched polystyrene to insulate the outside walls of my house. See for the full details.

  3. tit4tat says:

    u can make a very primitive type of plastic. it is fun to use as clay but be sure to use gloves because the chemicals used can irritate your skin.

    Put some Acetone in to a container and add polystyrene until it dosen’t dissolve anymore

    this video is not of me or any body that i know, i just thought it shows what to do.

  4. Jan Barker says:

    You can use it to carry out this April Fool’s Day Prank –

    I think it would work well in a bus shelter.

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