How can I reuse or recycle cd covers?

CD casesWe got rid of a load of old VCDs the other day (to make room on a shelf for the books that were piled up on the floor).

We already know how to re-use the CDs themselves thanks to the multitude of suggestions a few months ago but what about the cases?

They’re the square(ish) hard but clear plastic type.

Any ideas?

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36 Responses to “How can I reuse or recycle cd covers?”

  1. KiZ says:

    As far as actual recycling goes, the comment posted in the CD thread about “Polymer Reprocessors Ltd” by Silver Birch is applicable.

    Silver Birch wrote:

    A good way to keep them out of landfill is to send them to a company that recycles them (and has recently won an Environmental Business of the Year award) although you do have to pay postage. They recycle both the jewel case and the disc itself. The case is made into a high quality polystyrene pellet that can be used in making new packaging, insulation foam or artificial wood, and the disc is made into a polycarbonate that has a number of uses, including as part of alarm boxes and motorway traffic lenses.
    The company is Polymer Reprocessors Ltd, Peninsula Business Park, Reeds Lane, Moreton, Wirral, Cheshire CH46 1DW. I’m not connected with them, but I have just discovered them and am about to send all my old CDs off to them!

    • Nicola says:

      Thank you so much Silver Birch. I have many cds and cases and cannot stand the idea of throwing them out. I will totally take your advice.

  2. Leni says:

    If they’re still useable you could put them on freecycle, there are always people who have spindles of discs who’d like cases to keep the discs scratch free

  3. Sharon Sugrue says:

    Libraries generally accept cd cases for reuse as alot of their cases get damaged on loan. Also charity shops have a similar issue. Worth checking out.

  4. Emma says:

    You can make them into picture holders too: slip the picture into the bit where the cd booklet is usually kept then use the other part (where the cd lives) to be the supportive base.

  5. Vanessa says:

    You can use them as coasters to set your drink on. Great for on your desk, matches your computer decor perfectly :)

  6. Dave says:

    Desktop Calendars! Place the cd-holder side on the table, flip the clear cover back until it can’t go any further, and insert pages for each month.

    Also, see

  7. trish says:

    they make great gift boxes for gift cards.

    keep them, store dvds or cds you burn.

    I see a lot of listings for them on ebay.

    use them as a paint board for small crafts.

    give them to kids to play with.

    paint them and make a giant scrabble board.

  8. Heather says:

    I take old jewel cases, insert a plain or lined sheet of paper where liner notes would go, close up the case, and use them as small dry-erase boards for taking phone messages & writing to-do lists. It saves paper and reuses the jewel case, too.

  9. mildred lane says:

    I use the cd plates to hang in the berries to shine and keep the birds away.

  10. Chris says:

    I prime them with white color and paint on them.

  11. mike murphy says:

    i use cd cases and other things for additives in concrete,ive found plastic bottles are great for building materials and have a good insulation value.
    in fact ther is not much i cant use for making concrete,,,,

  12. Fez says:

    Last night, I called my local DVD rental store, and they were absoultely thrilled to get spare DVD covers as they go through them all the time. They also use the boxes (that store 2 or more holders) thats usually used for DVD series. So give ’em a ring :-)

  13. Alan says:

    My company actually recover & recycle music cd’s and also games cd’s IE playstation, psp, nintendo, xbox etc.

    We do offer cash for many of these items also, but they have to be original and in the box

  14. Alan says:

    My company actually recover & recycle music cd’s also Mobile phones,games cd’s IE playstation, psp, nintendo, xbox etc.

    We do offer cash for many of these items also, but they have to be original and in the box

  15. I went onto Freecycle, got tonnes of jewel cases and created a 100 strong badge collection by inserting my drawings between 2 pieces of the cut cd jewel plastic using my father’s cutting drill. I then sealed them, added a pin on the back and they now hang above my bed on a big black piece of fabric like an art display!

    All this occurred with zero planning…I just got started, kept on drawing and used my fave images to make tonnes of badges…
    Could easily be a business…

  16. Carol Ann says:

    I’m making a doll house with CD jewel cases, but have no idea how, or even if, it’s possible to cut into it, to make a doorway. Any help?

  17. R DeConinck says:

    Yes, we’re very grateful for (unbroken) ones at the library!
    FAO R DeConinck,
    Jubilee Library,
    Jubilee St.,

  18. Al says:

    Check your local council recycling site or a neighbouring districts as more and more are taking them.

    I’m in Ken t where they don’t take disks or cases but neighbouring West Sussex do take CDs and cases at all their sites and recycle them into new products.

  19. Adrian says:

    Another recycling company that takes CDs and their cases is:

    4D North Crescent
    Cody Road Business Centre
    London E16 4TG
    United Kingdom

    You mail it to them.

  20. Recycle you old cd’s & dvd’s @

    got any old scratched / unwanted cds & dvds laying around your house? Don’t chuck them in the bin! As they will go direct to land-fill and will take up to 25 years to decompose !Do

    a good turn today and send all your junk disks !ww
    Cheers xXxX
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  21. CD Recycling says:

    CD Recycling, is exclusive of the easiest further intensely magnetic things we can deliver to go green and polish our planet. Audio CDs, DVDs, depressed Ray discs sight pretty and cast rainbows in sunlight. You burden hang them apparent doors on your tree or dangle them from your balcony. Obviously, the highest reason people are throwing over unwanted CDs and DVDs is that they aptly don’t know what likewise to do squirrel them.

  22. CD Recycling says:

    Whereas we can sense the emphasis of DVD Recycling, further also have a fix to collect again probably ante up them to a recycling plant.

  23. CD Recycling says:

    You answerability use the treatment of CD Recycling, but it isn’t as easy as a plastic bottle or aluminum can, so it is time to think about reusing and finding some uses for them.

  24. bernie says:

    we also take cds and dvds for recycling with or without the cases broken or scratched any will do below are the details where to send them
    lovell recycling ltd
    unit b5
    halesfield 24
    tf7 4nz

  25. Kate says:

    Dvd covers make great Kindle protectors. My sons and I cut out the middle section that hold the dvd in place. The case is the perfect size for the kindles. They can put them in their backpacks safely. They also decorated the front covers on their own.

  26. Dr Sonia S V says:

    Recently at home I recycled Cd cases into notbook cases as a gift for teachers day. Details here :
    How to recycle CD cases

  27. diane says:

    I’m currently organizing my cling style rubber stamps into old CD cases. I also use the cases in packaging when mailing small items like buttons, jewelry and coins.


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